UKs £29 a month ‘lifestyle subscription service’ receives first £500k investment

Wonderush lifestyle subscription

Wonderush offers an extensive range of activities to subscribers, which include fitness, arts and crafts, food and drink, theatre and dance – just to name a few. The company currently offers more than 500 activities and works with 200 activity partners, both of which continue to increase every week.

Wonderush offers a low cost solution to Londoners who are strapped for time, but that want to address their work/life balance, make more friends and do more.

www.Fuel.Ventures, a fund and start-up studio led by one of Europe’s leading technology entrepreneurs and investors, Mark Pearson, has invested £500,000 into Wonderush to allow the service to build and scale.

The subscription experience service puts no limit on how many experiences, classes or events subscribers can book onto, meaning they could do something different every single day. In fact during its trial period pre-launch, one subscriber did just that.

Described as a ‘bucket-list made into a business’ Wonderush is only available in London at present, but hopes to be in multiple cities across the UK within 12 months. 

Wonderush is able to offer its service at such a low cost because they enable the experience providers to run at full capacity – spaces are offered to the Wonderush customers as part of the subscription price.

Other experience providers allow consumers to simply buy an experience, but never before has a consumer been offered a wealth of experiences on a subscription basis, a basis that guarantees them to be doing something of their choice every day if they choose to.

Subscribers simply log on to their Wonderush account and book on to an activity of their choice up to seven days in advance. If for whatever reason they can’t attend the booking, they can cancel at any time. It’s a simple, fuss free method that enables the consumer to try something new at the click of a button.

Wonderush was founded by Nelson Sivalingam, a successful entrepreneur who also founded digital streaming website One Minute London.

Nelson Sivalingam said:  “Consumers today are overwhelmed by the amount of activities on offer and associate doing something new with a high cost. We want to offer the public a way of trying out new things, meeting new people and generally living a more proactive life, which doesn’t cost them the earth or take weeks of organising.

“The investment from Fuel.Ventures means we’re able to add to the team, build our offering and scale to other cities as quickly as the service deserves.”

Mark Pearson, co-founder of Fuel.Ventures said: “Wonderush solves a supplier and consumer problem – it fills empty seats and raises awareness and it enables people to experience new things. We know the public want to do more. We know people are strapped for time and struggling to strike a healthy work-life balance, and we know that the variety subscription model is now, thanks to services like Netflix, well-understood. In our eyes it’s a win-win business model, and one that we’re excited to be a part of!”