Mobile dependence could leave SMEs vulnerable


Whilst recent cyber-attacks have highlighted the need for all organisations to review their IT security, many business owners remain unaware how vulnerable reliance on mobile devices can lead them to cybercrime.

According to a recent report, two thirds of SMEs currently rely on mobile phones for business purposes, with an increasing majority of these being smartphones.

However, recent reports indicate that iOS devices such as iPhones are no longer immune to malware attacks and Android-powered phones remain especially susceptible to malicious mobile apps. As a result, A&O IT One Solution is urging small businesses to minimise their corporate security risk by a full audit to assess their threat levels.

With 66 per cent of SMEs having experienced cybercrime, the worldwide IT support and technology services specialist recognises that smartphones are not always covered within their computer and internet usage guidelines.

As a result, employees may not realise that mobile malware could allow hackers to access sensitive information, from downloaded work files and confidential emails to login details.

Rod Moore, chairman of A&O IT One Solution, said: “As mobile devices continue to blur the lines between traditional phone and IT devices, it can be all too easy to overlook how smartphones are an extension of your IT equipment. However, with cyber-related attacks having the potential to bring small businesses to their knees, it’s essential that SMEs ensure any phone being used for work purposes has the same level of antivirus software installed on it as office computers.”