what makes workers ‘go extra the mile’?

A predictive analysis showed the most important factor is for employees to know exactly what is expected from them. The findings are based on a sample of over 3,000 employees from the retail, financial services, professional services and construction industries.

Going the extra mile can be defined as doing more without being asked and is one of the key behaviours demonstrated by ‘engaged’ employees. The report, ‘Getting employees to go the extra mile,’ highlights the following as the three most significant motivators that lead to employees being more prepared to go above and beyond their job description:

· Employee’s role – understanding what is expected in a given role and how this supports business goals
· Leadership – employees believing in leaders
· Communication – employees feeling free to communicate upwards within the company.

Samantha Arnold, Business Psychologist at ETS and author of the report, comments: “Maximising the return from every employee is hugely important at a time when many companies need to do more with less people.”

The report explains what makes employees go the extra mile and provides suggestions as to how companies can address these areas to unlock the full potential of their employees.

Samantha Arnold explains: “The diverse sample of data used means that the findings from our analysis are representative of a wider employee population across companies of different sizes, operating in different industries. This means that all companies can realise the benefits associated with a more motivated workforce by putting recommended actions in place.”