We Need A ‘Peasants’ Revolt’ Says Heseltine

He said a re-allocation of power back to the people who created the wealth in this country in the first place was needed and added: “Centrally based civil servants don’t know what you want. What is needed is one local cohesive voice.

“For me the simple solution would be for the Chambers of Commerce to talk to other organisations and create one supporting point.

“I believe the private sector is extremely badly organised in its own right. They say how important it is to have a voice but only 10 per cent of the wealth creating community belong to organisations like the Chamber, the IoD and the CBI.

“If you want a voice you have to have administrative frameworks that work and that people in the private sector can enjoy. That service does not exist. You need local businesses to work out how these organisations can come together to provide a single sign posting service. So that export, mentoring and other services are available to the total business community.

“Birmingham Chamber has acknowledged that there is a need for change. Private sector organisations should be hammering on the doors of Government to ask for the services they need.”