TikTok becomes one of the most popular platforms among Norwegians


TikTok has grown rapidly and people are finding themselves joining this platform daily. The whole world during lockdowns was suffering from the crisis from the coronavirus.

We all needed some sort of entertainment in their daily lives. Britain has several regulations for this app. The people from 18 to 28 were active users of TikTok.

The young population of the U.K. started using TikTok in the first half of this year. President Donald Trump has threatened to ban it in the U.S. because TikTok was stealing information about the people from their phones.

British users are the most numerous in Europe but they are not active. The most active country in Europe is Norway. Norwegians are opening TikTok 17 times a day and they spend more than an hour and a half each day on this platform. Due to the fact that nearly 20% of Norway’s population uses TikTok, it has become an effective marketing tool for local companies.

This is especially the case for companies that have several restrictions on their promotion channels due to how the government sees it as Taboo. Industries like gaming, alcohol, or tobacco have a hard time advertising in the real world due to so many restrictions and guidelines, so they use social media platforms for promotions or any other type of strategies online.

The most ardent user of TikTok in Norway is the iGaming industry because it essentially can’t promote itself anywhere in the country. TikTok being relatively new on the block, and it can help industries like iGaming to take advantage of the time before the government will make new guidelines.

This is why people say that underage kids should not be using the platform, there’s a chance they may see these gambling ads not directly injected in the application, but through sponsored posts and videos by Norwegian users. Using TikTok as a sponsorship channel is very useful for them. According to https://nyecasino.casino/, TikTok may not be the best way for these iGaming companies to promote their products but it is most certainly a popular method. These promotions don’t necessarily occur as direct ads, but as small sponsorships of micro influencers and people who could technically be interested in gaming content.

How TikTok is rewriting the world

The fear of “missing out” is usually how social media is attracting new people. You may feel like everyone is joining the platform and you should be too, because why not? Somehow when we are not in someplace with other people, we feel like everyone will forget about us if we don’t create content. Most of the time, we are the main products of social media, we are the content. That is what happened to the TikTok platform.

Everyone was joining it and speaking about it and more and more people felt attracted to this whole thing. Especially when the pandemic became intense and people were sitting at homes, eating, and looking at their phone’s screens, they just needed some sort of entertainment, so they downloaded the app. We want to be popular and remembered, that is why sometimes people are getting irrational about what they are doing in order to become more popular and seen.

Some people disliked TikTok but they can’t get away with the fact that they will see TikTok videos on their daily basis because they are simply everywhere.

Some people say that what was facebook years ago, is not the TikTok app. It is simply nothing but an app that creates short videos, stories. People are sharing these videos with the whole world and they don’t hesitate to post even personal things there. TikTok claimed to be here in order to make social media “fun” again.

The parent company of TikTok – ByteDance was using machine learning tools technology in order to recognize the faces of the people. TikTok is also using artificial intelligence in order to inter-exchange the information between the people. The videos on TikTok cover the range variety, starting with lip-syncing, ending with viral challenges.

How to use TikTok as a marketing tool?

Marketers can surely use TikTok as a tool for promoting their products. TikTok is the best platform for promoting if your audience is young people. If you are not thinking about adding TikTok as your digital marketing tool, then you need to think twice about it. TikTok videos can be like 15 seconds long. Do you think it is appealing? Because people are not patient anymore, they need fast information in the creative forms. Users of TikTok can also use videos that were recorded years ago.

The app is answering all modern trends and requirements. People are searching for more creative and original content. No one would like to see just regular advertisements, people like newness. TikTok allows young people to connect with each other and have a huge network with that. How can brands and marketers do so, so that they could benefit from TikTok? Well, it is much simpler than it looks. The brand just needs to create the account and post videos that are relevant to the product they are offering.

A marketer can also see many fun videos and creative ideas on TikTok. The brand needs to record some User-friendly videos and they eventually will become more popular step by step. For example, if you are new on this platform, you can use one of the most popular hashtags there and make some videos about it. This can be #HashtagChallenges, especially if you are not popular and you have just joined the platform.


As a marketer and someone who is very interested in marketing tools and trends, I like to think that TikTok will change the world somehow. There are so many creative people in there with huge and interesting ideas, it is hard to not notice them. The opportunity to connect with everyone in the world via TikTok is also interesting and makes us feel more curious.

It is really a key platform for a marketer and brand that is just newly born because people will use this app more in the future and it is always better to be one of the first brands that started their account on TikTok, then the brand that is trying to be “cooler than that” and is kinda staying far from it.

In 2020, TikTok was the most downloaded app in the world and it is still very popular with its dances and challenges. We all are seeing many innovative and creative trends there every single day, so it is a really interesting place to go in.