The ‘Cloud’ has a silver lining for British business

The reason why? Because developing ‘Cloud technology means that they achieve more computing power for less money while focusing on their business objectives.

“Computer networks have evolved over the years from separate dedicated components to a unified intelligent infrastructure,” said Paul Sweeney – Managing Director of cloud infrastructure specialists ANS Group plc.

“These advances in technology mean that we can build stateless, fluid IT infrastructures that can deliver far greater computing power for a reduced spend. All businesses seek to reduce costs and maximise productivity and the cloud can deliver for them,” said Mr Sweeney – whose company specialises in the provision of 24/7 managed IT services to both the public and private sectors.

SME’s have the capabilities to grow quickly and provide the new jobs that our economic recovery so desperately depends upon and cloud computing is changing the way millions of firms conduct their business.

Cloud computing takes the headaches our of running their infrastructure allowing the IT department to buy and develop applications to make the business more competitive or drive efficiencies within each departments such as sales, finance, production, HR & logistics.