Takumi raises £3.2m in Series A funding

Takumi previously raised $3.1million (£2.5 million) in seed investment and this new round brings their total funding to date to $7.1 million (£5.7 million).

The Series A funding will help the company continue their expansion into the US.

The £3.2 million investment brings the total investor base to over 50, including prominent UK, European and US investors with extensive networks within high profile consumer brands and agency groups.

Research, generated by Takumi, has found that “micro-influencers” generate a higher engagement level of 2.9% due to having more active and engaged audiences.

This unique business model has enabled Takumi to scale quickly, to become the leading influencer platform in Europe. Takumi has also found that its clients favour the “turnkey” nature of its managed service solution, instead of competitors’ software as a service (SaaS) based models when managing influencer campaigns.

Takumi Co-Founder and CEO, Mats Stigzelius said: Influencer marketing is still in its early stages but will grow into a major marketing channel over the next five years. Brands are increasingly leveraging social media influencers to create highly engaging branded content to reach their ideal consumers more organically.”

“By offering the best platform possible for influencers and brands, it has allowed us to scale quickly and this will also drive our future growth. However, with this new funding, our undoubted aim is to make Takumi the leading global influencer platform, both for brands and influencers.”

Dominic Perks, CEO at Hambro Perks, an early backer of Takumi, said: “You can’t fail to be impressed by how far Takumi has come in under two years. Based on the progress they have achieved to date, the team they have in place and their current growth rate, we would expect Takumi to establish itself as a best in class, global influencer marketing platform.”