Shatta Michy dares Shatta Wale to expose source for his 2 mansions, Ghana today reports

There has been love lost between two of the greatest dancehall Ghanaian artists Shatta Wale and Shatta Michy.

According to recent reports, the water is not yet under the bridge even with Shatta Wale post on social media claiming to be done with Michy.

The two artists were involved in a physical altercation with Michy posting a photo on his social media handle showing bruises he picked up from the brawl which were allegedly caused by the megastar. The falling out is far from over, especially with Michy calling out the star and threatening to air his dirty laundry.

Ghana today had earlier reported of the break up between the celebrity power couple. Later on, a photo surface of a bruised Michy, she claimed to be caused by Shatta Wale in a fight. This is after the dancehall star posted her break up from the female star.

He posted a controversial statement claiming that Michy chased him with a knife in her hands. In his own words, “If a woman is able to do that, you should ‘dawg her.’ Michy fired back threatening to expose the star.

In a post, the female artist rather revoked the claim to fame of the star from ghetto to owning two houses. She triggered him to come clean about how he got his second house. She wrote that God hates ungrateful people and that he should accept his faults and also seek help if he had a problem.

From the post, it was evident that she did not ride home with the allegations that he had acquired the second mansion through ‘unscrupulous’ means. He also denounced the fact we have always known to be facts that Shatta Wale fast rise from the ghetto to his current status was due to his success in music.

In a span of three years, the dancehall ‘king’ has managed to put up two multi-million houses in Legon which happens to be one of the most lavish leafy suburbs in Accra. The star has gone on record bragging of how he is the only artist with two swimming pools. Has Michy opened up a door to Shatta Wale’s real life or is this just another love spat?

Either facts or fictions, she has the upper hand in this battle. She laid forward serious claims that the star has serious problems in his life and even advised him to seek professional help or accept the fact that he had the problem.

Well we don’t know what caused the trouble in paradise between the power couple who earlier openly confessed their profound love for each other, but this a story that is yet to see the light of the day. Shatta Wale has neither denied nor accepted the claims made by Michy and chose to stay silent about the matter. This a story with many turns, and we will sure to update you on any development of the story.