Scott Saunders ‘QUITS The Apprentice after explosive showdown in the boardroom

The Apprentice

But Scott Saunders has reportedly turned his back on the competition after the show’s boss and his aides tore into him ‘like a pack of vultures’ in the boardroom, reports The Daily Mail.

A source close to the 27-year-old told The Sun On Sunday that he grew tired of being verbally bashed by Sugar and his helpers, Karren Brady and Claude Littner, and eventually threw in the towel in a sensational moment that is set to air on a future episode.

The source told the newspaper: ‘He said they went for him like a pack of vultures. Lord Sugar was absolutely ruthless.

‘He tore apart everything that Scott had done from start to finish and called him a waste of space.

Lord Sugar, 68, is even reported to have said that Scott’s performance had been one of the worst ever seen on the show.

This came despite a handful of successes on Scott’s part, which saw him bring in money thanks to his impressive sales skills on a number of challenges.

Despite being slammed with criticism in front of his fellow contestants, Scott, from Herefordshire, tried to keep his cool and thanked them for the opportunity before storming out of the boardroom, and the series.

The insider explained: ‘He said to the panel, ‘Thank you for the opportunity, but I quit.’

It was also claimed that the show’s formidable boss pointed out a myriad of mistakes he had made throughout his time on the competitive show, causing him to lose his cool, especially as the comments were ‘vicious’ rather than constructive.

Scott’s unexpected exit left the show in complete chaos as producers have been forced to reshuffle the plan to ensure the right number of candidates are now left in the final.

It is not known when the explosive departure will air, but The Sun has hinted that it will be in the ‘coming weeks’, as The Apprentice builds towards its grand finale.

A representative for the BBC programme told MailOnline: ‘We never comment on upcoming episodes because it spoils viewer enjoyment.’