Research reveals almost half of UK office workers won’t use office bathroom

According to the results of a new study conducted just under half of British office workers refuse to defecate whilst at work, with a majority stating they’d be too worried about their colleagues smelling or hearing the act if they did so.

The study has found that the average British worker will not poo whilst in their office, despite 89 per cent of respondents insisting that they will use the toilet to urinate when at their place of employment.

Furthermore, a majority of respondents said that they are envious of their work colleagues who do use the toilet at work in order to take a ‘number 2’.

In a bid to gain an insight into the bathroom habits and etiquette of British workers within the average workplace with respondents initially asked to reveal whether or not they used the toilet at work or not.

A majority of 89 per cent of respondents revealed that they did use the toilet at work, whilst the remaining 11 per cent of respondents did not use the toilet at work for any reason.

Following on from this, all respondents were asked to reveal whether they defecated at work or not. Almost half of respondents said that they did not poo at work, compared to a majority of 53 per cent of respondents who admitted that they do poo at work on a regular basis.

Next, respondents who stated that they did not poo at work were asked to reveal the reasons for this. Researchers gave them a list of possible answers and asked them to select all reasons that applied to them.

Of those who don’t poo at work, the majority admitted that they feel envious of their fellow workers who can comfortably defecate whilst in the office without care or worry.

Finally, all respondents were asked to reveal the extent they go to before using the toilet at work. 23 per cent of respondents revealed that they ensure no one else is in the toilet, whilst 18 per cent ensured no one knew they had gone to toilet beforehand. The remaining respondents, a majority of 47 per cent, said that they made sure they wiped down the toilet at work before using it.

George Charles, spokesperson for, who commissioned the research, made the following comments regarding the findings of the survey: “Let’s face it, we spend about 8 hours a day at the office, and it is not right that so many people are so uncomfortable around the subject of taking an ‘extended toilet break’ whilst at work. If our staff felt like this, then I would be worried. A happy and comfortable work force is essential to any company or office.”

Charles continued: “Any managers or high-placed members of staff should try to address any discomfort in the office and make it a happy, comfortable place to work, even in the bathroom!”