A Quarter of Online Retailers Haven’t Thought About Affiliate Marketing and 20% Don’t Know What It Is

Many retailers in the UK with an ecommerce offering are missing out on the boost in income that affiliate marketing can offer, according to the latest research carried out by an affiliate network. According to the results, a quarter of online retailers haven’t even considered affiliate marketing as a step they could take for their business.

Affiliate network Paid On Results, polled 975 founders of retailers with an ecommerce website; each of whom was still actively involved in the running of the website. All those taking part were asked about the marketing activity for their ecommerce website and what they did to help drive sales.

When asked if they knew what affiliate marketing was, 20 per cent admitted that they ‘didn’t fully understand’. However, 42% said that they currently had an affiliate marketing programme in place that was active. More than a quarter, 26 per cent, of the online retailers taking part in the poll admitted that they hadn’t even thought about or considered using affiliate marketing for their brand.

Of those that did have an affiliate marketing programme in place, 89 per cent felt that it was positively affecting their bottom line. When asked what kind of affiliate websites drove the most sales for them, discount websites and bloggers were the most common answers stated.

According to the data, clothing retailers with an ecommerce offering were the most likely to have an affiliate programme in place; whilst those retailers specialising in luxury brands or products were the least likely.

Previous data analysis from Paid On Results revealed that SME retailers can expect to see sales grow by 10% in the first year of operating an affiliate programme; suggesting that many of those behind ecommerce websites are missing out on the growth potential through either not knowing enough about affiliate marketing or not having thought about implementing it.

Graeme Sandwell, Managing Director of Paid On Results, said the following: “It’s a real shame that not all online retailers or businesses with ecommerce offerings have tapped into the potential affiliate marketing can offer. I was really shocked to discover that as many as 20% of online retailers don’t even know what affiliate marketing is.

“It’s the kind of marketing activity that can really give tangible financial results, because affiliate websites will do their best to promote your brand and drive sales so that they can earn commission. It’s like having a whole army of marketeers ready and waiting to drive engaged customers your way, so it’s about time more retailers were aware of how easy and affordable it is to set up an affiliate programme.”