Pitch@Palace 9.0 selects next cohort of innovative tech entrepreneurs to compete at Boot Camp

42 Entrepreneurs working in Data, Intelligence and the Future of Security will compete at Pitch@Palace 9.0 Boot Camp on 13 March in Manchester

Pitch@Palace, the programme established by The Duke of York to guide and support Entrepreneurs in the development of their business ideas, today announces the 42 Entrepreneurs that have been selected to Pitch at Pitch@Palace Boot Camp on 13 March at the University of Manchester.

The theme for Pitch@Palace 9.0 is ‘Data, Intelligence and the Future of Security’ and will showcase companies that have developed innovative technologies to solve prevalent security issues that businesses and individuals are exposed to today.

Pitch@Palace Boot Camp provides Entrepreneurs with the chance to hear from leading industry experts and Pitch@Palace Alumni, as well as receiving support and mentoring.

All are asked to Pitch their business to a panel of Judges, as well as senior business leaders, investors, and influencers from across the technology, investment and business communities.

The Judges will select 12 Entrepreneurs to Pitch for three minutes at Pitch@Palace 9.0 at St. James’s Palace on 25th April. The rest of the Entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to Pitch for 30 seconds.

Daniel Murray, Co-Founder of Grabble said of his Pitch@Palace experience: “Since winning we’ve been on a rollercoaster, having expanded our initial offering, building Mobula for B2B, launching another B2C App, and raising a further £3 million since taking part. I can wholeheartedly say we’ve had unwavering support from HRH The Duke of York and the whole Pitch@Palace team.”The companies Pitching at Boot Camp are:

  • Anon AI Limited – a cybersecurity company that creates automated data anonymisation. Anon AI helps businesses share data securely by maximising privacy and utility in their data sets

  • Bob’s Business Ltd – a cybersecurity awareness training provider that specialises in developing and delivering engaging eLearning and phishing campaigns

  • BOXARR – a company that helps organisations to effectively manage their inter-dependencies and optimise performance

  • Bunk – leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence, Bunk’s blockchain platform is built on mutual trust to assist the rental journey driving disintermediation, seamlessly connecting all parties involved in the process of looking for a property

  • Chosen AI – an artificially intelligent sourcing platform to democratise executive search recruitment

  • Creavision Technologies Ltd – a company that has invented a new vision sensor for long range human and object localisation and recognition, to unlock the next level of automation and security applications

  • Crypta Labs Ltd – a company that is developing hardware solutions for the cybersecurity of all types of communications and connected devices used in the Internet of Things

  • Cyan Forensics – a cybersecurity company that has developed software that finds digital evidence 20 times faster than current methods, helping police with time-critical Child Sexual Exploitation and Counter Terrorism cases

  • Drone Defence Services Ltd – a defence company that protects people and organisations from the harmful use of commercial drone technology

  • ExactTrak Ltd – a cybersecurity company that designs mobile data security technology to give global visibility and control of data even when the device is turned off

  • FrontM Limited – a software platform startup, focusing on bringing AI and chatbots to the satellite communication ecosystem

  • Gospel Technology Limited – an enterprise data management solution built on blockchain to help some of the biggest organisations in the world to share their data without lowering security

  • Hedge –  a sustainable saving and impact investment platform using machine learning, built for a new generation of investors

  • Immersive Labs – a company that helps companies upskill their cyber security teams. Through its online academies, Immersive Labs removes unconscious bias and increases diversity to plug the skills gap

  • Intruder – a proactive cybersecurity monitoring platform for small to medium sized businesses that finds your weaknesses, before the hackers do

  • Kiroku – an AI technology that is able to listen to the conversation between a professional and a client, and automatically generate the notes in the relevant language

  • Machine Medicine Technologies –  a company that uses computer vision to extract digital biomarkers of movement and mobility, crucial to the assessment of disease

  • Marble – a company that produces high speed unmanned aircraft and robotic hangars to make maritime surveillance much more affordable

  • Memento – an AI company that creates VR dynamic scenes by stitching together pictures taken via smartphone, and then processes them using AI to create 4D experience of events

  • Orbitil Limited – business intelligence cloud software, digitising organisational technical and commercial activities for faster and optimal time to market

  • Osprey Flight Solutions Limited – an AI company that has developed cutting edge computing techniques to provide data enabled security and safety risk management for the aviation industry

  • OurPath – an IoT company that has developed a  digital behaviour change programme designed to help people prevent and manage lifestyle diseases

  • Panaseer – a company that provides an accurate, risk-based understanding of your assets, controls, vulnerabilities and threats

  • ProtectBox Ltd – a cybersecurity comparison website and marketplace that makes buying cyber security quick, simple and cheap for small and medium sized businesses globally

  • RazorSecure – a company that provides a unique approach to intrusion and anomaly detection software for transportation industries

  • Red Sift – a cognitive cybersecurity platform that securely collates, computes and visualises data from individual signals to help organisations optimise their cybersecurity

  • Resilio Ltd – a company that is like the parking sensor on your car: when things get too close, we make time for you to avoid them

  • RoboK – a Cambridge based start-up in 3D artificial sensing intelligence for smarter machines and robots with social and safety benefits

  • Secure Code Warrior Ltd – a cybersecurity company that empowers developers to be the first line of defence in their organisation by providing them with the skills and tools to write secure code from the beginning.

  • SimplifAI Systems Limited – a joint venture between KAM Futures and the University of Huddersfield, which is a form of urban mobility management system based on AI

  • Spatialize –  a complete augmented reality interaction solution comprised of a ring and complimentary UI

  • Spherical Defence Labs – a company that provides API security for banks using artificial intelligence, developed from computational linguistics techniques at Cambridge

  • Synbiosys – a materials innovation company developing composites that provide unsurpassed protection against blasts and high velocity (km/s) fragments and projectiles

  • Think Cyber Security – a company that provides security awareness as an integrated part of the user experience, using nudge theory and community experience to deliver enduring behavioural change and compliance

  • Trust Elevate – a company that enables businesses to better protect children online. Trust Elevate solves the age-related consent and information rights management challenges for businesses

  • UQuant Ltd – a company that has created an AI for engineers that automates thousands of engineering simulations to save time and remove uncertainty when developing complex products

  • Valerann UK Ltd. – working to make roads smart. Valerann turns common road objects into data-generating IoT devices that make roads safer, journeys faster, and also supports autonomous vehicles

  • Vchain Technology – an award-winning blockchain layer for aviation security, validating passenger identity through proprietary triple patented technology

  • Waffle – a personal assistant for finding real time offers, at the best restaurants near you

  • WeSee AI Limited – an AI startup that uses deep learning-based computer vision to help reduce fraudulent claims in the insurance industry

  • WICASTR LImited – a content distribution platform with patented technology that facilitates the creation of wireless networks at the network edge for transport and telecoms companies

  • Wluper – an intelligent assistant technology for navigation and transportation, which allows for easy, intuitive journey planning through a conversational voice interface