New survey suggests working British men’s sex lives could be negatively affected by work

work affects sex

Work affects the sex lives of potentially over 3.6 million working-aged men according to new research.

Surprisingly, nearly a third said they’re too embarrassed to speak about it even with their own partner. The full survey can be found here.

The research reveals that 22% of men say that stress, anxiety and depression have caused them to experience ED, making low mental wellbeing a common cause of ED in the survey. The stress that men experience leading to ED could be caused by stress at work, as it was also revealed that 20% said work-related anxiety often stops them from having sex. Furthermore, 22% of men surveyed admitted that they’ve prioritised work over their sex lives, by avoiding sex with their partner.

With stress coming out as one of the leading self reported causes of ED in this survey, it’s no surprise that working life may be affecting the sex lives of men in a big way. Almost a quarter of men (22%) said that work-related stress negatively affects their performance in the bedroom, and the survey found that men working in the sports and entertainment industries suffer the most, with 19% experiencing ED regularly.

Of working men, those in higher managerial positions are more likely to report getting ED, with 27% saying they regularly struggle with erections which could possibly be due to the high pressure and stress involved in these kinds of roles.

There also may be a link between how much men earn and experiencing ED with those earning £70,000 to £70,999 reporting ED most often, with 68% of men within this pay bracket having experienced erectile dysfunction in the bedroom.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be key to reducing the effects of ED and Zava’s doctors suggest if you are finding it difficult to get and keep erections, there are a number of things to try many of which revolve around living a healthy lifestyle – both mentally and physically, including aiming to reduce stress and anxiety.

With more than a quarter of men admitting they would rather stay silent than to talk to a doctor about ED, an online consultation could remove the potential embarrassment. Moreover, an online consultation offers convenience and discretion, with GMC-registered doctors who are able to answer questions without you having to wait for an appointment.

Zava’s Dr Clair Grainger reviewed the survey and said: “Erectile dysfunction can be easily diagnosed and there are three main ways to treat the condition based on different circumstances.

Medical treatments are available to treat ED, the most well known of these are Viagra, Sildenafil or Cialis, but there are other options available too. Medication isn’t suitable for everyone, so speak to a doctor about your particular circumstances first.

Another way of treating ED is through talking therapy. If your ED is caused by emotional changes or mental-health problems, talking to someone about how you feel can help. It may be useful to talk to a counsellor who specialises in sex therapy. A doctor can advise you on the best steps towards getting this support.

The third common way to manage ED is to make lifestyle changes in order to ensure blood is flowing well around the body which can help to avoid ED. Actions you can take to lower the chances of ED can be found below.”