More support for export necessary if UK SMEs are expected to grow


With only 19 per cent of SMEs exporting goods overseas according to the 2014 Business Survey, Bivek Sharma says more support is needed to help our smaller businesses enter new markets if they’re expected to grow.

SME’s need to be the priority instead of larger businesses, according to Bivek, as SME’s face the most challenges with exporting.

“Priority needs to be shifted away from larger businesses to SMEs as there are several barriers to them exporting in the current climate. Obviously, two main hurdles are time and money as businesses battle late payments and tackle the sheer volume of time needed to keep up with administration tasks.

“However, these are not the only problems to dampen SMEs’ confidence. Those that survived and have continued to thrive after the  recession are choosing instead to focus solely on the domestic UK market – being understandably wary of the risks of expanding into overseas markets.

Bivek also believes the government can do more to help SME’s.

“Considering this, the Government must begin to put plans in place to tackle these issues for small businesses. Advice and information on the export market should be made more accessible and clear, with additional investments needed in support services and trade missions to facilitate international trade for enterprises.

“The recent Small Business Survey points out that only 2 per cent of businesses not currently trading overseas plan to do so in the next year – a dismal statistic which certainly needs addressing if the Government is to meet both its export goals and its promise to help our army of small businesses grow.”