Mercedes-Benz abandoned plans to move production to UK plant after Brexit vote

british motor manufacturing at risk

Mercedes-Benz had been considering moving production to the UK ahead of the EU referendum in 2016, but decided against the move after the vote for Brexit, the carmaker’s chief executive has revealed.

Dieter Zetsche, outgoing head of the brand, told Paris Motor Show attendees that he had begun negotiations with Nissan regarding potentially using its Sunderland plant to build Mercedes-Benz cars.

“Before Brexit there was one project where we were looking at an option of producing cars in Sunderland together,” he said. 

Mercedes-Benz owner Daimler formed an alliance with Nissan and Renault in 2010. 

Earlier this year, Nissan announced that it was cutting hundreds of jobs at the Sunderland operation, due to falling demand for diesel vehicles.

Mr Zetsche shared no further details about the now-abandoned plan, The Times reported.

A number of other carmakers issued warnings at the Paris event, with Toyota stating that a no-deal Brexit would lead to a temporary stoppage in UK production, primarily at its Burnaston plant.