Juncker: Brexit has been a ‘waste of time and energy’

Jean claude Juncker

The European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker told the European parliament in Strasbourg that Brexit has been a “waste of time and energy.”

He told MEPs, “The commission has worked tirelessly to negotiate and renegotiate an agreement with the United Kingdom to respect the UK’s decision to leave the European Union.

“We need now to watch events in Westminster very closely, but it’s not possible, not imaginable that this parliament would ratify the agreement before Westminster has ratified the agreement.

“First London, then Brussels and Strasbourg.”

Donal Tusk the European Council president said their decision for Boris Johnson’s request for an extension to Article 50 will be made “in coming days.”

Tusk said, “It is obvious that the result of these consultations will very much depend on what the British parliament decides or doesn’t decide.

“We should be ready for every scenario.

“But one thing must be clear. As I said to prime minister Johnson on Saturday, a no-deal Brexit will never be our decision.”

Last week at the EU summit in Brussels Juncker told reporters that there is now no need for an extension to Brexit.

He ruled out any extension to the Brexit deadline of 31 October as he said there is a deal on the table.

Although French president Emmanuel Macron said last week, the new Brexit deal still faces major hurdles, he said we have to remain “cautious” given the UKs past experiences.

Macron said the new deal “allows us to respond to the political and technical concerns that both we and the British share.”

He added, that “based on past experience we have to be reasonably cautious.”