Jersey expected to ease lockdown restrictions even further next week

Island of Jersey

Jersey’s Chief Minister has said the island will likely move into Level three of lockdown next week.

Level three has previously been described as a ‘soft lockdown’ with the stay at home order being lifted. Whilst there will be no limit to time spent out of the house, people will be asked to stay and work from home wherever possible.

Currently Jersey remains at Level four, where islanders are limited to four hours outside and can meet with two people that do not live in your household so long as you socially distance.

Since Saturday, people have been enjoying their four hours permitted outside their homes, but have been doing so in a responsible way that limits the spread of COVID-19.

Speaking of the impending change, John Le Fondre, Chief Minister, said: Because of your actions, we are in a really good place. Our expectation is that we will move into Level 3 from the beginning of next week.

What does Level three mean for me?


You will still be asked to stay 2m apart from people outside your home and only those considered ‘extremely vulnerable’ will be encouraged to shield themselves.

Group gatherings

You would be able to meet with up to five others that are not in your household, so long as you follow social distancing rules.

These gatherings must happen outside, or in a garden, but never inside a home.


People should only be travelling on and off island for essential reasons. The 14-day self isolation rule is in place for anyone arriving in Jersey.

However, all forms of on-island transport will be permitted.

Businesses, restaurants and shops

More businesses will be able to open, such as retail shops. Restaurants and cafes can open for outdoor eating only.

All outdoor work will resume. Companies are encouraged to keep staff working from home where possible.