James Caan aims to rejuvenate nursing recruitment with launch of flex staffing

James Caan’s Private Equity company Hamilton Bradshaw has announced a brand new venture in the nursing sector, with the launch of Flex Staffing. Backed by James Caan and led by Helen Rudanec, Flex have already assembled a team of 15 experts, making them one of the most experienced startups within the nursing industry.

Flex Staffing will be providing innovative healthcare resourcing solutions that deliver quality patient care, as well as adopting a long-term partnership approach with clients. They will also offer a flexible workforce for ad-hoc, last minute and emergency shifts, short and long term contracts, plus specialist teams for contracts and projects.

With a clear focus on quality assurance and over 100 years of combined experience within the management team, they are determined to provide a flexible service which meets the demands of the ever changing nursing industry.

Caan is one of the UK’s foremost recruitment entrepreneurs, having made his fortune through the global, multi-million pound successes of Alexander Mann and Humana International. His private equity firm Hamilton Bradshaw has 20 recruitment companies within its portfolio, with a combined turnover of over £275m, and Flex Staffing will be the 9th recruitment business to start up from scratch.

Caan said on the investment: “One of the most important qualities I look for in a new business is how strong the team will be. From my very first discussion with Helen, who herself has been in the industry for 25 years, it was clear she had the ambition and expertise to form a quality team around her, despite only being a startup. With the sheer experience and industry knowledge already within the business, I believe Flex Staffing can become one of the fastest growing recruitment companies in Nursing, providing a welcome boost to both clients and candidates within this sector.”

Helen Rudanec commented: “The most critical issues in Nursing at the moment are the need for hospitals to be able to deliver safe patient care at all times, ensure that front line services are staffed effectively and that quality professionals are recruited to deliver the care required. At Flex we will be taking a partnership approach with the primary focus on quality patient care. Our healthcare professionals are important to us and we will strive to provide them with professional support and guidance at all times – allowing them to focus on delivering the best care possible.”