Innovate UK awards over £200,000 to pioneering data innovation startups


Organisations in the financial, education, advertising, sustainability and travel industries will be partnering with the startups whose ideas triumphed in Innovate UK’s IC tomorrow  Intelligent Data Insights contest. The winners of the contest will work alongside these industry professionals to accelerate and trial their products, while maintaining 100 per cent of their IP.

The partners – IBM, Carnival Corporation, London City Airport, Office for National Statistics, Barclays, NMP and bathstore – will offer mentoring and promotion opportunities to the startups. This will assist the entrepreneurs when bringing their solutions to market.

All of the winners will also be granted access to IBM Watson’s cognitive computing capabilities.

The six challenges, winners and partners are:

Cognitive learning systems with IBM– With the help of IBM Watson’s APIs and services, Bibblio will develop a platform that delivers smarter search and exploration for digital educational content

Marine travel problem detection with Carnival Corporation– Telesto Technologies is working to develop a system that links up with cameras on cruise ships to identify man overboard situations

Connected airport with London City Airport– Autonoma Tech has come up with a method which uses AI technologies and techniques to improve aircraft stand planning and aircraft turnaround times

Sustainable development insights with Office for National Statistics– Morrison Utility Services has designed a project that aims to improve how we find and fix water leakages to help reduce water loss

Automotive asset management with Barclays– Using Automated Information Retrieval (AIR), Warwick Analytics has come up with a novel way to automatically distil and combine disparate financial data, which can be analysed to create simple validated predictors

Enhanced paid search with NMP and bathstore– Metageni will be working with NMP and bathstore to develop an entirely new way of understanding how above the line advertising impacts generic search behaviour.

On the winning companies, Matt Sansam, Lead Technologist, Digital Economy and Programme Manager for IC tomorrow, said: “Each of these companies have demonstrated that organisations can utilise the data they collect to provide real life solutions to industry challenges. These technologies prove how essential it is to be continually looking for new and innovative solutions across all commercial sectors.

“Innovate UK is dedicated to working alongside start-ups and entrepreneurs to help them realise the potential of digital technology. By providing opportunities like this, talented UK pioneers have the chance to build and develop ideas than can have global impact.”