Elon Musk unveils Twitter rebrand as X with blue bird logo killed off

Twitter rebrands as X

Twitter has changed its brand and logo from its famous blue bird to “X”.

The new white X on a black background has replaced the blue bird on the desktop version of the social network, although is yet to appear on the mobile app.

“Tweets” will also be replaced, according to Twitter’s owner Elon Musk, and posts will be called “x’s”.

The billionaire changed his profile picture to the new logo and added “X.com” to his Twitter bio.

Mr Musk wants to create a “super app” called X – his vision for a new kind of social media platform that he has been talking about creating for months.

On Sunday, the billionaire said he was looking to change Twitter’s logo, tweeting: “And soon we shall bid adieu to the Twitter brand and, gradually, all the birds.”

He then shared a picture of the new X branding projected onto the side of Twitter headquarters in San Francisco.

Mr Musk, who has changed the name of the business to X Corp, said the replacement “should have been done a long time ago”.

He posted an image of a flickering X on Twitter, and later in a Twitter Spaces audio chat, replied “Yes” when asked if the Twitter logo would change.

Ms Yaccarino wrote on the platform that the rebrand was an exciting new opportunity.

“Twitter made one massive impression and changed the way we communicate,” she said.

“Now, X will go further, transforming the global town square.”

The bird is called Larry which Twitter’s co-founder Biz Stone said, in 2011, is a tribute to basketball star and Boston Celtics legend Larry Bird.

People took to Twitter to mourn the loss of the logo, including Martin Grasser who designed it in 2012.

“Today we say goodbye to this great blue bird,” he said. Later the tweet was shared by Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s best-known co-founder.

Commenting on the announcement, Brand expert Ian Humphris, CEO and founder at Nokamo Consulting says: “Does flipping the bird at Twitter’s distinctive logo break all the equity rules? Ordinarily, yes. But the keyboard warriors waving their How Brands Grow should see it from Elon’s perspective. Currently the platform is a 2D chat room with a haemorrhaging P&L, but the ambition is to be the next WeChat super-app. When you’ve landed a rocket vertically, you understand that sometimes revolution, not evolution, is how you bring the market to heel.”