Electrolux & partners set to teach 30,000 kids about food waste by 2019

food waste

The Electrolux Food Foundation, the student organisation AIESEC and Worldchefs have announced a commitment to raise awareness about food waste to children.

The education program is based on a newly launched education toolkit that contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals on responsible consumption and production.

Earlier this year, Electrolux Food Foundation, AIESEC and Worldchef developed a joint lesson plan to inspire children to challenge and change their own food habits.

The toolkit is developed through the UN initiative World’s Largest Lesson, produced by Project Everyone in partnership with UNICEF. World’s largest Lesson aims to introduce the UN Sustainable Development Goals to children and youth.

“One third of the food produced goes to waste while 800 million people in the world go to bed hungry. By engaging younger generations on these topics, we can help shape a more sustainable future,” said Malin Ekefalk, Director of Social Responsibility at Electrolux.

A pilot phase of the project was kicked off in July-September, reaching already 2,000 children in Malaysia, Argentina, the US and Poland. During the upcoming year, the project will gear up and AIESEC’s volunteers and Worldchefs members will join Electrolux employees in delivering the workshops in order to be able to educate 30,000 children.