EEF unveils a further £2 million investment into its state-of-the-art training centre


This latest funding takes EEF’s total investment at the Birmingham-based apprentice training centre to £5 million. It will keep the centre at the forefront of new manufacturing and engineering technologies, ensuring that apprentices continue to learn both traditional and the most cutting-edge techniques. This will fully equip them for a sustainable and exciting career in modern industry.

Work has just completed on providing nine additional new training sections containing £700,000 of high-tech equipment. The highlight of this latest development is a new robotics cell with four fully-functional, industrial-scale robots.

The technology training centre was officially opened in April 2014, by Mr Mahmood, who has since taken an ongoing interest in its work to provide the Midlands with its future skilled workforce. He was on hand at the event last night to applaud this year’s graduates. In total, 80 apprentices aged between 17 and 25 received certificates and awards, while Gregory Prentice, aged 22, an apprentice with HydraForce Hydraulics based in Birmingham, was named this year’s Apprentice of the Year.

Caroline Gumble, Chief Operating Officer at EEF, says: “Our apprentices are the manufacturers and engineers of the future and this investment is about ensuring they learn the valuable skills that future industry will need.

“These skills will not only pave the way for a rewarding long-term career, but are also vital if UK manufacturing is to take full advantage of the opportunities presented by rapidly advancing technology. This will be pivotal in securing Britain’s ongoing role on the global manufacturing stage.”

Khalid Mahmood, MP for Perry Barr, Birmingham, says: “The commitment demonstrated by this further investment tells me that our region’s proud manufacturing heritage is in very safe hands.

“Manufacturing and engineering are by nature creative, innovative and constantly changing. This investment will keep EEF’s training centre one step ahead, ensuring that it continues to provide our young people with the skills they need for an exciting and sustainable career, and our region’s manufacturers with the skilled workforce they need in order to thrive and grow.”

EEF’s technology training centre in Aston is purpose-built to train the UK’s manufacturers and engineers of the future in world-class facilities replicating a real manufacturing environment. It runs over 40 different technical training courses and trains around 250 apprentices a year in a variety of vital skills including milling, CNC machinery, Mechatronics, Fluid Power, welding and fabrication.

The centre works in partnership with over 80 employers, ensuring that apprentices and other trainees learn how to use the cutting-edge technology and techniques used in manufacturing today.

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