Ecclestone faces £1Bn U.K. tax bill over family trust

Judge Kenneth Parker in London said at a hearing that Ecclestone has filed three separate lawsuits in a bid to block the tax bill. Parker put today’s application for a judge-led review of tax authorities’ decision on hold until other suits are heard first.

It had originally been reported that Ecclestone had avoided this potential £1.2bn tax bill as a result of a secret deal with HMRC.

The deal involved a payment of just £10m, according to legal transcripts obtained by the BBC’s Panorama when it investigated the situation in April 2014.

Revenue & Customs spent nine years investigating the Ecclestone family’s tax affairs before offering to settle in return for the payment from the family trusts in 2008.

Mr Ecclestone said he paid more than £50m in tax last year.