Dragon James Caan launches academy to pass on wisdom to business owners

As opposed to Jones’ venture, which is designed for young people and Richard’s aimed at new starts Caan’s academy is targeting existing owners of SMEs and emerging entrepreneurs.

“The problem with being the boss is you have no-one guiding you,” says Caan. “You have to have the conviction and belief in what you are doing in order to be successful, and the business acumen to ensure you stay successful.”

Dunn and Bradstreet recently released research showing that 90 per cent of SMEs fail because of the lack of all-round knowledge of the business owner.


Caan’s academy aims to change this by passing on practical guidance for entrepreneurs, providing them with knowledge and hard-gained experience.

“Asking ‘businessman friends’ seems like defeat and you don’t want to admit you’re a novice,” Caan continues. “But everyone needs a helping hand. Five per cent of being an entrepreneur is about the idea and mindset, the rest is about taking action and accountability.”
He adds that his academy will equip business owners and entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to succeed and get ahead of the competition.

“Every course draws on real-life learnings from my experiences and lessons I learnt along the way,” he says.

Caan’s academy will launch with a one-day introductory seminar, ‘Total Business Mastery’ on Saturday March 20 at the Holiday Inn, Kensington Forum. For more information click here