David Cameron wants this to be one of the most entrepreneurial decades ever

At the launch of the new Start-up Britain initiative David Cameron also announced that the government will involved in a whole range of activities to give Britain back its entrepreneurial spark.
Cameron said that he wants British entrepreneurs to ‘start small and think big’ and said that as well as announcing the most business boosting budget in decades last week the government will do all that it can to support initiatives to nurture entrepreneurialism from an early age by working with the Peter Jones Foundation to make the Tenner Tycoon grow tenfold, leading to 250,000 young people across primary, secondary  and further education being loaned ten pounds to experience running a  business.
There  will also be support for every school in England to run its own business through the Enterprise Champions Programme, and the creation of enterprise societies in every university and most further education colleges to develop students with the  ambition and skills for enterprise.
There will also be a new online tool enabling small businesses to pitch their ideas on how they could do the business of government more cheaply or more efficiently. The best pitches will be hand picked by a community of civil  servants and will receive intensive mentoring from several of Britain’s best  entrepreneurs.