British pet owners are decorating office space for their animals

office pet

UK pet owners are kitting out their office space to accommodate their four-legged companions, according to new research.

A survey has revealed that British pet owners spend an average of £143 per year furnishing and decorating their office space to accommodate their furry friends.

This comes following recent reports that – as a nation – Brits spend a total of £1,150 on pets each year.

Therefore, there is no surprise that pets are living the life of luxury in UK offices, with 1 in 3 pet owners purchasing furniture for their office pets.

Of those who have pet friendly offices, 38 per cent purchased pet beds which topped the list for most purchased pet item in the office, closely followed by food bowls, blankets and pet treats.

What’s more, 23 per cent of pet owners invest in soft furnishings such as cushions and toys to enable pets to relax and unwind in a busy office environment. With 20 per cent of Brits having  scratching posts and climbers to keep their feline friends entertained in the office.

The data also revealed that just under 1 in 20 of pet loving Brits have gone as far as dedicating a space in their office for their pets.

British pet owners are even making sure their furry friends feel part of the team, with 4% of Brits purchasing work uniforms for their pets.

Mark Kelly, marketing manager at, who commissioned the research, said: “Pets are often considered part of the family, so it’s no surprise that pet owners are willing to invest in furniture to accommodate their pets and make them feel more comfortable in the office.

“The amount we spend as a nation on our pets has continued to increase year on year with a variety of products and services now on offer for pet parents and their fur babies – including gourmet food and drink, grooming services and pet accessories.”

Those who work in marketing and have a pet are most likely to spend the most (£162) on pet furnishings for their office.