Boost your business’ productivity by winning an office makeover

The work environment has a huge impact on how members of staff work, and ultimately, how successfully a business operates. Colours play an crucial role in the way that we perceive environments and situations as some colours can evoke positive reactions, while others can stir up negative emotions.

As a business owner, you need to ensure that your staff are as comfortable and happy as possible which means paying close attention to the colours and designs that you use in your workspace to create a productive atmosphere.

Your business and employees are unique; and recognising individuality can be easily reflected by wall murals and the colours that you choose. An innovative wall mural will add colour to an office, showcase your personality and inspire your employees.

If you would like your business to benefit from a more productive work space, an a wall mural worth £575 from Create a Wall’s unique collection. simply email with reasons why your office deserves a makeover (no more than 300 words) before the 1st July 2015 and your business could be lucky enough to be the winner of a custom wall mural from Create a Wall.

With this in mind, Create a Wall conducted a survey asking businesses which colour they would base their office around with the question “If you were to design an office from scratch, which main colour would you use in order to maximise staff productivity?” and obtained some interesting results.

A touch of the blues?
Blue was the preferred choice for the majority (22.4%) of respondents, which could be because it is a colour that inspires calmness and serenity. Nobody likes to work under pressure, so blue is the perfect choice to counteract feelings of stress and to ensure that your employees are working in a relaxed environment.

White came in close second with 22.1% of respondents stating that they would use it to boost productivity. Although simple, choosing white as the main colour in your office allows employees to clear their mind of any distractions, so that they are free to concentrate on the task ahead of them. You can also add different colours to a white room, to allow yourself more flexibility to change the tone in the office in the long run.