Almost half of UK employees are unhappy at work

New research has revealed that almost half of UK workers are unhappy at their job, while 30 per cent of front-line employees never feel enthusiastic about work.

The research uncovers some concerning statistics, including that 35 per cent of workers would be happier with greater recognition in the workplace.

However, the survey has also shown that happy employees are 12% more productive than those unhappy with their work situation. Clearly, there are improvements to be made if businesses are to benefit from happy, well-adjusted staff.

In response to the research, and in line with their passion of making all workplaces enjoyable and productive, DBI Furniture Solutions has released a report with expert comment on the five must-have traits you need to have in the office.

You can read the report in its entirety here.

Fortunately, Managing Director of DBI Furniture Solutions Nick Pollitt has commented on a major area that can be improved: “More employers need to be recognising the varied and unique mix of personalities within their business, and start viewing them in a more human way.

“There are so many personality traits within an office, but they can often get overlooked. This leads to individuals feeling unvalued and, at worst, dispensary.

“It takes a few simple steps to prevent this from happening, and it begins with awareness. If there is a creative genius in the ranks, make your appreciation heard. Do you have a constantly positive presence? Thank them!

“Productivity has so much to do with employee engagement, recognition and praise. With these values in tow, your business should see the improvements almost immediately.”