82 per cent UK adults not saving enough for comfortable retirement

Over three quarters (82 per cent) of UK adults have revealed they don’t believe they are saving enough money to supply them with a comfortable income in retirement.

Investment can help generate a higher standard of living later in life, rather than money simply resting; however these figures show that people aren’t without their doubts.

A new study of 2,000 UK adults conducted by investment experts IpsoFacto Investor, shows that a third (32 per cent) have invested in the past.

Despite this, a staggering 85 per cent do not follow what is happening to stock markets across the world and three quarters (74 per cent) do not understand the stocks and shares market.

There are many factors across the world making potential and existing investors nervous in the current climate.

After years of strong growth in the economy, China appears to be slowing down, causing the Chinese stock market to crash.

In turn this is impacting other markets as investors fear the global economy is still fragile after the financial crisis of 2008/09. In particular oil and commodity prices have been falling.

Over half (57 per cent) were not aware of what is happening to the price of oil in the current market.

Despite heightened tension in the Middle East, oil prices have been plunging as the market expects surplus supply and lower demand for oil, especially from China.

This has reduced business investments in the oil, gas and other related sectors, but should also lead to many Western consumers being better off.

David Liddell, Director from IpsoFacto Investor said: “With doom and gloom all around, and not just in the financial press, investors have every right to be feeling nervous.

“These are difficult times with big swings in market sentiment, making stock exchanges exceptionally volatile. This is in turn a function of investors’ uncertainty about the future for the global economy.

“So far this year the main UK stockmarket index the FTSE 100 has fallen as much as 11 per cent at its lowest point but has since bounced back by 9 per cent. This is after a difficult year for investors in 2015.

“At times like this it is particularly important for investors to have access to sound and sensible advice which takes a long term view. Times of maximum despair, when asset prices are cheap, can be a great time to invest.”

Despite all this uncertainty the research also proved that potential investors strive to be financially independent when it comes to their finances.

A colossal 82 per cent of respondents would invest in the current climate; however 88 per cent would not know what resources to use when researching potential investments.