Almost half of UK workers too tired to work effectively

work performance

Whilst today is dubbed ‘Blue Monday’ 45 per cent of UK workers say they are too tired to work effectively at least half the time throughout the entire year.

The Employee Pulse, carried out using the Qualtrics Employee Experience platform, shows that work-life balance is the number one driver for employee engagement in the UK, yet only 54 per cent of workers are happy with their current work-life balance.

It’s unsurprising that 17 per cent of UK workers intend to quit their jobs within the next two years.

Commenting on the findings, Sarah Marrs, Employee Engagement expert at Qualtrics, says, “Blue Monday serves to highlight the general mood of the nation, but it also sends an important message to businesses.

The ‘January blues’ will undoubtedly have an impact at work, but staff motivation is important throughout the year. Our study shows that helping staff achieve a good work-life balance has the greatest positive impact upon staff engagement.”