39 per cent of company websites are not designed to work on mobile devices

Social media, which is key in driving mobile access, has risen in the past year with over two thirds of businesses implementing it into their marketing activity, but one third still do not have a plan in place. Companies should really bring these two strategies into line.

The report, ‘Channel Vision – Version 2.0’, put together by design, marketing and print specialists Catalogues 4 Business (C4B) questioned over 100 organisations within the United Kingdom. The report was drawn from a diverse mix of businesses, both B2B and B2C, and a combination of industry sectors.

Ian Simpson, managing director at C4B comments: “The figures are really quite shocking. You can’t afford to ignore the importance of mobile optimisation if you are to survive and flourish in today’s markets. Tablet driven e-commerce has tripled this year to £4.74b and that is 10.4 per cent of total market. In order to target your customers effectively you have to consider the types of devices that your digital media is viewed on. And this includes websites, email, digital publications and social media.”

According to the report, only just over 50 per cent of responders have ensured that their websites work on mobile devices and this figure does not improve among companies who are highly e-commerce focused. It’s alarming that such companies are missing a massive opportunity to drive sales.

The report also found that nearly 1 in 10 companies never check their web traffic statistics. With only half of companies looking at their website traffic on a weekly basis.

Ian concludes: “It is vitally important to monitor your website traffic. 1 out of 10 companies not knowing their web statistics is huge. In order to keep your customers engaged, you have to know how your website is used, when and why. You need to know what works in order to continue building your brand and proposition.”