Why content marketing is essential for businesses

Content marketing is a strategy used by businesses of all types and sizes across the globe, allowing them to attract and retain customers and engage with industry experts.

Those adopting this modern marketing tactic attempt to create unique, attention-grabbing content which inspires and engages its audience. When carried out correctly, content marketing can help a businesspromote their products or services, boost brand awareness and capture new customers.

KD Web, a top SEO company in London discusses the key benefits of content marketing and why it should become an essential part of any businesses’ marketing plan.

Brand exposure

One of the key benefits of content marketing is that it helps to build a brand’s awareness. Producing quality content and getting it published in various places helps push your company name out there and can also bring leads your way. If your content team is consistently producing articles, videos, infographics and white papers that appeal to your core customer or client base, then they will start to remember your brand and view it as a source of authority and trust.

Builds relationships with key influencers

Influencers have steadily taken internet marketing by storm, with their loyal legion of followers often hanging to their every word, making their opinions very powerful. Aligning your company with the top influencers within your niche is highly beneficial and can bring a large amount of brand exposure. The best marketers can spend years forging strong partnerships with key influencers, exchanging amazing content with them, having them write about certain products or services, and, hopefully, bringing new exposure to a brand and targeted traffic to the website.

Customer loyalty

Content marketing can be responsible for six times more conversion rates than other digital marketing strategies. When a company regularly posts exciting, fresh content, customers are able to become familiar with the brand and build up trust in them. This is particularly important since consumers tend to purchase products from,or use the services of, brands that they are already familiar with or have had a positive experience with.


Solid content strategies usually include producing content for other websites, such as key industry publications, blogs andvideo channels. If you include a link to your website within the piece, this can lead to an increase in your website referral traffic. Referrals mean users have visited your website via another source.

As such, if you are consistently creating fantastic content on other websites, people may naturally decide to click through to your website to discover more about your products or services, which can, of course, lead to conversions!


The most successful content marketing campaigns are not used as simply a means of selling a product or service, but are, instead, there to educate, inspire and spark interest. As such, producing content that allows your brand to position itself as an industry thought-leader and a voice of expertise is highly beneficial.

You can start by thoroughly researching the most important questions your customers are askingor the problems faced within your industry. Then, create unique, engaging and up-to-date content that seeks to inform and problem-solve so that you can position your brand as a source of authority, credibility andtrust.

SEO benefits

Each piece of blog content produced is another chance for you to succeed within the search engines, which is why savvy marketers try to create content with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) firmly in mind. This means optimisingtext, titles and subject matters to appeal to search engines and the types of questions and keywords your core customers are searching.

If contentis high-quality, unique and can provide value to the reader, whilst also targeting defined long-tail keywords which are being searched for by customers, then it should be able to rank in the search engines, which can increase traffic to your website, build brand awareness and even lead to conversions.