Why content marketing is a fool-proof SEO strategy

content marketing

Anyone who has kept a close eye on the Search Engine Optimization market will know that it’s undergoing dynamic changes all the time.

Search engines are continually implementing new algorithms that are increasingly sophisticated.

Marketers want to position their website as high as possible in search engine rankings. They can’t rely anymore on low-quality quality content spiked with keywords search engine crawlers will pick up on.

In fact, SEO today requires significant financial and creative resources.

Fortunately, SEO experts can rely on more tools than ever that are designed with these new requirements in mind. One such tool is marketin9, a content marketing platform that connects marketers with publishers streamline the process of publishing sponsored articles on websites.

In this article, we will take a closer look at content marketing as a fool-proof SEO strategy with amazing future prospects.

Content is king

You’ve probably heard that phrase before. But it wasn’t like that ever since content marketing appeared on the scene. In fact, it has been undergoing a severe transformation as well.

That’s what it looked like half a decade ago:

Back then, only the most significant brands could take advantage of his methods as a way to acquiring valuable links. They had multimillion marketing budgets they could invest in promotional campaigns based on sponsored publications in quality portals.

That strategy was just beyond the financial reach of small- and mid-sized businesses. A marketer could only dream of executing such a link-building campaign.

However, during the last few years, the situation changed dramatically. Why is the online publishing market so different today? Primarily because of the rising competition among smaller news website or niche blogs that attract advertisers with competitive pricing.

Innovative content marketing tools such as marketin9 help marketers make sense of the mature online publishing market, ensuring that they get publishing that offers the best value for money. Since advertisers can place a large volume of orders from one publisher on the platform, they can save up from 20 to 50% on a sponsored article than if they reached out to the publisher directly on their website.

How do sponsored articles improve ranking?

Content marketing plays a significant role in SEO because it allows building a strong link profile of a website by gathering valuable linkbacks from high authority sources.

Gaining such links without quality content is impossible. SEO experts agree that content marketing right now that offers now the best value for link building. However, when developing your content marketing strategy remember that the final results of your campaign will be influenced by factors such as:

  • the current link profile of your website,
  • the authority of the website linking to your site,
  • whether or not publisher allows to include keywords in the link to create the so-called anchor links,
  • whether the links in sponsored articles are marked as do follow.

If you’re still unsure whether content investing in content marketing is the right move for boosting the position of your website, here are two case studies to show you the SEO results of well-executed marketing campaigns.

Case Study 1: Tent Halls Production Company

We were approached by a tent halls production company which had dedicated the last six months to get their website back to the first page of search results – but to no avail.

Our analysis found the source of the problem: the link profile of their website was built upon links from sites characterized by low authority.

Since timing was essential for our clients, we needed to proceed quickly. The high season in their industry was about to begin and having their website located lower than the first 10 results meant that the company was going to lose a large number of clients and generate far less revenue.

We focused on creating 20 quality sponsored publications and publishing them on websites of highest possible authority for the given geographical location. We secured these publications and links within seven days from the beginning of our collaboration.

As a result, our client’s website got back to the first page of search results in just two weeks from publication. After three months of publishing sponsored articles regularly, our client got into the top three position for the most important keyword phrase in the industry, ensuring that potential customers find them quickly.

Case Study 2: Insurance Company

The insurance industry is a particular niche when it comes to SEO and online marketing. It’s among the most expensive ones regarding PPC campaigns and most competitive ones when it comes to SEO.

Our client’s internal marketing department decided to test the marketing9 platform for establishing a long-term publication plan for sponsored articles. The goal of their campaign was increasing the volume of traffic from organic search results and boosting the conversion rate of their website.

Marketers took advantage of marketin9 to order content, get in touch with the publishers of thousands of websites in over a dozen countries, filter them by parameters, categories or topics, and quickly order the publications they need. They could also monitor publication status and control the budget being spent on content marketing.

Teaming up with the marketers, we created 300 publications published on websites with high authority within the following 12 months. Every month we noticed an increase in the website’s position but also the volume of traffic.

Extra tip: Content marketing offers an excellent way to boosting traffic on the website. By sharing high-quality and informative content, brands can build their profiles and offer customers real value that builds trust and credibility. That’s how companies can use content marketing to attract new audiences, engage visitors to stay longer on the site and discover new revenue streams.

Here is a graph that shows how the website’s search engine rank and traffic have changed over that period of time – at the end of the year we managed to achieve an ROI at the fantastic level of 255%.

Investing in content marketing is a smart move

Content marketing is about creating content that audiences engage with and share, and consequently boosting the website’s exposure on the web. Quality content that provides real value to users also generates traffic to websites, adding authority to their content.

Moreover, search engines that see links between the company website and high-authority sources are more likely to offer that website higher positions in their rankings.

Tools like marketin9 are here to help brands connect with publishers and share fantastic content with their audiences. Launching a content marketing campaign was never that easy.