The top 6 inexpensive branding methods for small businesses


Want to come up with unique branding ideas for your business? Unfortunately, that one factor comes into focus.

There is no sufficient capital in the accounts. Still, you want to sell your product to audiences. Your products are what make your business live each day as if it had a beating heart of its own. Technically, it does. When a company fails, it’s gone forever. When it strives, it’s alive.

Here’s some good news. Branding is not expensive. Don’t listen to that one branding agency when they deliver a high price even they can not afford. Research other options and sell your business to customers.

Here is a list of top 5 inexpensive branding methods for small businesses.

Planning a Strong Brand Name that Works

A name, or else a“brand” name, means everything. It’s packed with a life story, personality, and your product. Don’t instantly brainstorm one name and think that it’s perfect. Nothing is perfect! Brainstorms through hundreds, even thousands of ideas until you have the name that suits your project.

The name of your project is essentially what your business is making its name to the world. Don’t make it too drastically long, or one short, boring word. It has to be just right. Once you do have a name make sure it can fit together and that the company’s name stands out.

Think about this way. As you’re growing up in the world, all people have found their our identities seeking out their passion.

Stay away from Acronyms and initials, pens, and dull descriptions. If my sound funny to you, think about how others will react. Nobody wants their business to get laughed away. Make the name stand out.

Also, be sure not to have too many creative effects. It’s not about how you could have gone to art school. Branding means you’re broadcasting your business to a world of many future paying customers. A little says a lot.

Bring on the Customers!

Aside from the money, customers are what your business end up thriving on. Who is your target audience? And what makes your brand different? What is your mission?

Although you’re trying to gain an audience, don’t be forceful and walk up to a customer demanding that they invest in your business. Talk about your product and explain where else they can go to learn more.

Learn how to present yourself to an audience. How is this product going to be helpful to their needs? Create a mission statement about your product in 1-3 sentences. Don’t create a novel because then you’ll lose customers.

Don’t only gear the product towards all audiences. There is only one audience that is going to pay full attention. What keywords will hook viewers about this product?

And most importantly, put yourself into it. How has this product aided you? Find your own voice. Not the voice which stutters when nervous. A calm, clear, and confident voice. Be confident. Confidence establishes a trust between customers and even yourself. Developing one’s self in the business world can lead to new and exciting opportunities.

Social Media is the Key

Yes, social media can open your doors with that needed key. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and many other; you name it! There are many social media websites to help with the promotion of your products. And they’re free!

Take your business and promote to social media. Promote in chats, ads, or build relationships through other forms of companies like on LinkedIn. Create an Instagram account or even promote pictures through a business Snapchat account.

However, it is essential to be consistent in your social media postings. Don’t let your business fail if you cannot keep up with promoting your business. Rely on customers. They can help. Share and even expand.

Always Encourage Feedback

Remember all those writing projects in school and the teacher’s red pen covering the page? All those red marks made you gain a stronger voice. Feedback is just the same.

Always ask for feedback on your brands or even better ways to help publicize. Being in business is tough. The more negative feedback, the better. If your brand gets positive feedback all the time, what are you learning?

If you make a video to publicize your brand always view the comments. Comments can be either the best or the worst. A better term for comments is discussions. Get everyone involved in a chat where you can discover different elements or ideas for branding methods.

Make Your Brand Stand Out

Advertise, do social media, encourage feedback, and research. Never give up in promoting your business. Just because you don’t have a budget doesn’t mean you will not do an excellent trade. Walk, the walk as they say. Make your own strategies. Don’t let anyone win.

And don’t do business alone. Collaborate with other companies to assist you, or ask questions on social media or to customers. Get on an email list, test your creative skills,  and word on your business will surround the world.

Make your brand stand out. Give your product a defining look that will stay in customers minds. Don’t go overboard in promoting or talking about it. Present it as if you were the customer. Every business is unique.

Buy Custom Enamel Pins

Here is another creative yet trending idea! To help promote your brands, create a custom enamel pin. Now, you can grab your very own pin with a design of your business. Every business wants to be unique in their promotions. So, go and get a cute pin for only $1.


Don’t let a low budget get you down. Explore every option of branding. It’s also the best opportunity to test your own skills and build the right audience. You’re not the only small business battling to find inexpensive brand methods.

All businesses have to fight to stay afloat. Keep promoting your products and business. Now go out there and research your own branding methods for your small business as soon as this sentence ends.