The beginners guide to marketing suites

marketing a company

When it comes to selling homes, office space or anything else for that matter, customers need to buy into ‘you’ first and the product later.

To get this right, creating the right environment that allows you to engage with potential customers on an emotional level, is paramount. Your marketing suite is the perfect way to do that.

What Is A Marketing Suite?

The marketing suite is a tool used to entice customers to not only visit but to buy a beautiful new home. Not only will this create an amazing environment for potential customers, ensuring they feel at ease but will also put them in a much better mindset to want to buy. Your marketing suite should reflect you, the developer’s brand. It’s a way for you as a developer to shout about yourself and broadcast the quality of the property that you’ve built. While often confused with a show home, it’s important to have both. Show homes show off what a potential customer could have and can be used in conjunction with your marketing suite as an aspirational marketing tool.

Creating The Perfect Marketing Suite

With such importance riding on a perfectly created marketing suite, we went to the experts in the field, 4site Implementation. Here are their top 5 steps to help create the perfect marketing suite.

  •      Sell The Dream – when you create a marketing suite, you’re in essence creating a very elaborate shop. In that shop, you’re selling a ‘dream’ to potential customers and your’re showcasing your brand. Homes are an emotional purchase. The cost is huge and perhaps the biggest purchase most people will ever make. In order to highlight just what it is you’re offering, the surroundings in which you’re making this sale need to represent not sure if this sounds quite right
  •      Ensure Quality Throughout – the marketing suite will represent the quality and workmanship they’ll expect within the homes or office space you’re promoting, therefore a quality marketing suite is important. Your space must be well built, enough to withstand the judgement that will be cast by every person that walks through the door. That’s especially the case if there’s no show home just yet.
  •      Plan Your Customer Journey – your design needs to essentially be a sales trap. You need to plan the flow of your space. Think of today’s petrol stations that force you to walk all the way around the shop, cleverly viewing the goods on offer before you pay for your fuel. While this is of course a little forceful, you need to consider a subtle version; a path that tells the story of your development in the way you want it to be told.
  •      Create The Perfect Layout – you’ll need select key areas to build the expectation and sell the dream. You’ll need a meet and greet area or a reception. This is somewhere you can engage with clients. You’ll of course need an area where people can go through what’s on offer and make selections. This space should offer all the information they need and do so in a way that’s easy to understand. Last but not least, you’ll then need an area to essentially, ‘seal the deal’. This is where you’ll work on the details and finally make the sale so ensuring it’s private, comfortable and welcoming is a must.
  •      Choose The Right Company To Work With – hiring the right company, like 4site, to work with when working on your marketing suite is so important. You want to ensure the experts you’re working with not only understand what makes a quality marketing suite but understands your company, your message and how you want to convey that message.

Create The Ultimate Marketing Suite With The Experts

Marketing suites and signage design can be a minefield but with the right help, from experts such as 4site Implementation, it can be a refreshingly easy process. If you’d like help creating your ultimate marketing suite, simply contact 4site today. Their team of experts will turn your vision into the ultimate marketing space with ease.