The 8 most common mistakes you cannot make on Instagram


Instagram now has more than 700 million users and is one of the favourite channels of many social managers.

Although sometimes mistakes are made, there are some common mistakes you should avoid making on Instagram

If you are a social media manager, an influencer, or a blogger, there are certain things that I recommend you always avoid so as not to burn your account or the one you are managing. Below are the top 8 mistakes you should avoid on Instagram.

#1: Buying Followers

Never, never buy Instagram followers NEVER!

I still do not understand how there are people who spend money buying fictitious followers, if you do not convert then! As a matter of fact, there are tools today that help to analyze Instagram accounts and catch every fake activity of Instagram bot. So, when you are buying followers, you are simply risking your account.

If you have done it, do not be surprised if your engagement has dropped and if, despite the number of followers you have now, few people interact with your account. This is due to the fact that many new followers are actually ghost followers, or empty accounts, which will never interact with your profile.

If you want to use Instagram to close collaborations or earn money, you need real followers and really interested in your account.

#2: Incorrectly Using Hashtags

This is the most common error on Instagram, and about 80% of Instagramers commit the same error. While some people use very few hashtags, others do not use them, and some groups even use hashtags that have nothing to do with their target audience.

What I recommend you do is a thorough study of the hashtags that are used in your niche to then create your groups. That way, it becomes easy for you to interact directly with the people who use that hashtag and make your community stronger.

#3: Not Editing the Photos

There are people who ask why they find it difficult to grow their Instagram accounts, and when I closely check their accounts, I immediately find the reason; the photos.

If you want your photos to thrill the audience, have better engagement and be used by larger accounts, you have to work a little bit on the editing. After all, Instagram is a visual network.

#4: Not Writing Anything in the Caption

If you think that the caption or the description of the photo is not important, you’re wrong.

The description not only helps contextualize your photo but also helps you create emotions among your followers. Emotions that then lead to an action, which can be a like or a comment.

I follow accounts that I love because of the messages they convey, or because of the extraordinary story a certain person is living.

If you are not sure of what to write about, I hope that these 3 guidelines will help you unlock:

  • Write a motivating phrase at the beginning or something that has made you smile.
  • Ask questions. It will help the followers leave comments.
  • Do not be afraid to use the emoticons. They can help you transmit emotions and also increase the attention of your followers

# 5 Not Interacting with Your Followers

Of little use to you to have 10k followers if you do not have time to interact with them. Take at least one hour a day to:

  • Find the time to answer your comments and your questions.
  • Follow the users that have to do with your account.
  • Ask questions that encourage users to answer.

Your community is everything on Instagram.

#6: Having A Private Profile

There are things that I still do not understand, among which, how a person wants to grow on Instagram with a private profile. If your goal is to grow on Instagram and get collaborations, the minimum a brand asks for is to see your profile. So, if you have it in private mode, please make it public, and you’ll see that you’ll reach a lot more people.

#7: Not Having A Link in the BIO

Instagram has a lot of potential and a lot of traffic. Traffic that you could redirect to your blog or your online store. Take the opportunity that this social network gives you to insert a link in the BIO.

And if you do not know, as soon as you reach the 10k followers, you can put the links you want in Instagram Stories. If you publish a new article in your blog, change the link in the BIO and make a mini promotion.

#8: Leaving After A Few Months

Growing up on Instagram is very complicated, and even more so now that new users are coming in every day. I know how frustrating it is to spend a lot of time and then not see results. But if you want to succeed, you cannot leave.

Now that I have given you many guidelines to improve your account, get active, and spend a little time each day on Instagram, and you will see that the results will come.