Should you outsource your SEO needs?

While this makes perfect sense from an accounting perspective, however, it may be a false economy in terms of bottom line results and the future of your venture.

So before discounting outsourcing, you need to remember two things. The first is the fact that SEO represents an evolutionary entity, which constantly changes according to innovation and Google’s progressive algorithms. Beyond this, there are also a number of specialist elements that must be combined within a successful SEO campaign, and such a task may require expertise from outside of your business.

3 Key Elements of SEO that you should consider outsourcing

With this in mind, the best course of action may be to maintain a skeleton, in-house SEO team while outsourcing management and the task of completing specialist disciplines to industry experts. So, here are three pivotal SEO elements that you should consider outsourcing as part of this strategy: –

Content Creation

Content marketing is now arguably the single biggest driver of SEO, with Google’s algorithms increasingly respectful of quality, relevance, reader engagement and human metrics. You can therefore not afford to take chances when creating inbound or outbound content for your website, particularly if you intend to include relevant links to targeted landing pages. With this in mind, it is usually good practice to outsource content creation to established freelancers who have a clear understanding of contemporary SEO metrics.

Technical Marketing elements such as Pay-per-click (PPC)

There are also numerous technical elements of SEO that require attention, many of which are beyond the scope of the average business person. These specialist marketing techniques include disciplines such as Pay-per-click (PPC), which is an advertising model that can be used to direct traffic to a specific website.

The model is underpinned by the fact that advertisers’ pay publishers when promotional ads are clicked, while the impact that PPC can have on your search engine ranking means that it makes commercial sense to outsource this technique.

Firms such as Ingenuity Digital are particularly viable, as they are accredited PPC experts and among the top 5% of paid search service providers in the UK.

SEO Strategy and Analytics

Above all else, the overarching strategy that brings individual SEO elements together is fundamental to your chances of long-term success. Without a strategic and analytical approach, you will find that your campaign either struggles to achieve results or creates an impact that is almost impossible to measure. Partnering with an SEO or digital marketing agency ensures that you have a viable and tailored strategy to suit your needs, while it also uses relevant metrics and analytical tools to optimise results over a sustained period of time.