Important SEO strategies to apply to your WordPress blog in 2019


If you are keen on taking a WordPress training course, you are on the right lines.

This is because, today, WordPress is the industry leader with regard to content management systems.

Why? Because WordPress was mainly conceived as a blogging platform and had SEO writing as one of its essential functions. This is what makes even the newbies launch their blogs quickly and with ease.

You can gauge the popularity of WordPress from the statistics of its usage. It has been used in building 34.6% of all websites; the runner up is a distant Joomla that stands at just 2.4%.This is because WordPress provides a user-friendly platform and unmatched SEO.

Key SEO strategies for WordPress site

#1 Target audience matters

In these times of marketing personalization, thorough knowledge of the target audience is more relevant than ever. And it is not just the standard demographic information of age, gender and location that you need, but, more importantly, the main interests, favorite topics, preference for content formats, writing styles, etc. of your readers. This knowledge will arm you to make standout content and thwart your niche competitors.

#2 Generate quality content

Quality content does not only mean grammatically correct and error-free writing. It means creating amazing content that is good enough to become the top-performing article in Google search. Quality content boosts the blog traffic by as much as 2000%. 

With the preferences of your target audience already known, you can raise the quality of your content by using various writing strategies, like mixed formats, lengthy posts, humor and the like.

#3 Keywords aid Google search

Since keywords are what gets your blog at the top of the pile in Google search, it is important to follow an effective keyword strategy for every article. The best strategy is to employ different keyword research tools at a time. You have a choice of platforms, such as Ahrefs, Moz, Kwfinder, and many more.

#4 Make content ‘omnipresent’

Enter technical SEO. This is nothing but a complete optimization process that ensures your blogs are loaded speedily on the website and are accessible on all devices. Easy accessibility from anywhere and everywhere and quick uploading, in say two to three seconds, will keep the readers glued to your blog. Tools like Pingdom suggest techniques to load your website quickly and help in detecting any shortcomings.

#5 Optimize for voice search

Not only should your blog be accessible on all devices, but also optimized for voice search. Since more and more consumers are using voice to perform search engine queries, it is a good idea to optimize your blog for voice search. According to one estimate, 55 % of online searches will be voice-based by 2022. With the advent of voice-enabled devices, more people will rely on their personal assistants to access your blogs via voice search.

#6 URLs are important

Use URLs in your blog. These will not only give the readers access to other relevant blogs and articles but will also help search engine to find your blog. This is because well-structured URLs are much easily recognized by search engine crawlers than random characters.

#7 SEO plugins for improved ranking

By installing optimization plugins, such as All in One SEO Pack, Rank Math and Yoast SEO, you can improve your ranking.

#8 Popularize blog through social accounts

Even though there is no correlation between search engine ranking and social platforms, the latter offers an excellent way to popularize your blog. Try and add social share icons to your website to enable readers to share their content on FB, Twitter and other social media platforms.

#9 Sitemap helps navigate

Sitemap is the map of your website and should be featured on your website. This helps both users and search engine crawlers to comprehend the structure of your site and navigate correctly, without losing their way.


The importance of employing SEO strategies for your WordPress blog will make a difference between your blog being read or ignored. And, in 2019, its importance only grows stronger. This makes it necessary to learn the nuts and bolts of WordPress. And what better way to do so than opting for WordPress Training Glasgow.