How to optimise business content


To say that the current climate presents a challenge to businesses would be an understatement –– and a massive one at that.

You could argue that it’s never been a more difficult time to own a small business than right now. As such, it’s imperative for ambitious entrepreneurs to do everything in their power to put their business in the best possible position to succeed (and survive). Thankfully, optimizing digital content can help a company in a myriad of ways. Here, we’ll explain how business owners can make the most of the content their team generates:


Often, the best business content gets directly to the point to address a consumer concern. Rather than starting off a blog with a long preamble or “padding” your piece with introductory fluff, answer consumer queries within the first paragraph of an article. Remember, consumers want answers to their most pressing questions –– do bunion correctors work? Should I invest in the stock market? When is the right time to hire a new employee –– etc. Bottom line, dawdle with your writing.

Stay Timely

Evergreen content is useful at all times. While an evergreen blog post isn’t “bad” in a vacuum, it’s important that business owners recognize how the world has changed because of the coronavirus within their content. Writing blogs or pillar pages that don’t at least acknowledge the strangeness of the current moment could make you seem hopelessly out of touch.

Focus on Appearance

Imagine two identical blogs. They each cover the same subject and they each are 1000 words long. Now, imagine that one web page has engaging images, insightful charts, and a video to supplement the web copy, while the other web page only contains the blog copy itself. Obviously, a blog with more images and a more inviting appearance is going to engage readers more effectively than a blank wall of text. Keep in mind that user experience matters a great deal on your site –– regardless of the nature of your content.

Edit Edit Edit

Mistakes in website copy can be massively detrimental to a company’s reputation. Unfortunately, even the best copywriters make mistakes from time to time. So make it a point to allow others to edit and revise a blog as necessary. Plus, involving other team members in the writing process could help your team uncover new perspectives. Encouraging collaboration between team members who are working remotely could be difficult, so do your best to keep everyone organized and singing from the same hymn sheet, at least for the time being.