How to combine digital PR with SEO for better results

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Today, the most widely used digital marketing strategies include PR and SEO.

For digital PR, businesses collaborate with PR agencies, bloggers, influencers and journalists to build brand awareness and enhance their outreach.

For SEO, businesses usually seek the help of an SEO agency to boost website traffic and gain a higher ranking on search engine result pages (SERP).

Although the aim of digital PR and SEO is to improve brand reputation, credibility, reach and revenue, some businesses think that both of these strategies can never be used in conjunction. However, several professional SEO services suggest that combining both strategies can provide maximum results for businesses.

If you are wondering how a combination of digital PR and SEO can be effective for your digital marketing, here are some tips that you can use to successfully combine both these strategies for better results.

Align your digital PR and SEO strategies

To seamlessly blend digital PR and SEO, start by aligning their strategies to complement each other. For example, SEO analytics can be used for better digital PR strategy development, whereas PR connections can be used to improve overall SEO strategies. Start by pushing one business area at a time.

Encourage your SEO and PR teams to work together on informative and appealing content that can be easily optimised with high-volume keywords. If your teams find this process difficult, then companies such as Eskimoz Agency can help you in aligning your PR and SEO strategies for maximum results.

Aligning both strategies will ensure your digital marketing campaigns are more organised and will portray a better picture of your brand.

Create brand awareness on social media

Brands need exposure to increase their outreach. Once people become familiar with a brand, they start connecting with it and gradually end up liking it. Social media can play an important role in increasing your brand’s exposure in different areas.

Use your PR strategies to connect with your audience on different social media platforms and educate them about your brand in a casual yet informative way. Simultaneously, use SEO to include relevant keywords, links and hashtags in your content.

This will help you to target your audience exactly at the time that they are looking for products or services related to your brand.

Maintain brand consistency

To create a consistent brand image across all digital marketing platforms, ensure that all your strategies and channels are meticulously linked to each other. When digital PR and SEO teams, like those at Eskimoz, work together, they can efficiently maintain brand consistency by publishing similar content on each digital marketing platform.

To reach the maximum possible audience, when you create content related to the launch of a new product or service, try to simultaneously publish it on your website, different social media platforms and various online outlets. Additionally, you can use similar content as a newsletter for email marketing. In order to maintain your brand image, care must be taken to optimise each piece content differently for individual digital platforms.

Maintaining consistency amongst all channels will strengthen your brand identity and positively influence your audience.

Mention your brand everywhere

While creating content for SEO, many businesses forget to mention their brand and just focus on the keywords. However, by combining digital PR and SEO, you will be able to create an enhanced strategy that focuses on branding as well as outreach. Do not miss any opportunity to mention your brand and link it to your website.

You can obtain high-quality links by creating online articles and sharing content both on social media and other high domain authority sites. To gain a higher-ranking position in Google’s organic search, encourage your audience to share your content. The more external links you can generate from credible websites, the higher your website will rank in different SERPs.

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash