The ‘write’ approach to marketing

So, how does it affect you?

“It’s only words…”
You may just want to increase awareness of your organisation. Or you may want to promote specific products or services. Either way, you need to get your message across clearly and simply. Words can influence people’s actions. That’s why you should be careful how you use them in your marketing and PR communications. They should help you to persuade prospective customers to use your business rather than a competitor. 

So, make sure that you always pick your words very carefully:

•    Poor copy (i.e. text) will reflect badly upon your company. If you don’t take care over what you write, people may think that you won’t take care over what you produce or provide.
•    Good copy will have clarity and impact. You need to grab the reader’s attention and make it easy for them to understand your key message.
•    Always remember that words have power. Ultimately, they could spell the difference between the success and failure of your business.

Get it write
You may still be thinking, ‘That’s okay – I know how to write!” But do you? You may know how to string sentences together and may understand the basic rules of grammar – but that’s not the same as writing effective copy. If you write marketing materials without a thorough understanding of good copy, you could be doing your business a disservice. This is because you might not be using the best ways of getting your points across.

As I said earlier, words are powerful. They influence people’s actions. They can build up or destroy (just think of how many friendships have been ruined by impulsive words or by gossip). They can ignite passion, fear and envy; they can even start wars.

But, let’s get back to business! It’s vital that whatever is written about your company and its products and services shows it (or them) in the most favourable light possible. So make sure you choose your words carefully!

Make your words count!
Before you even start writing, there’s one important thought that should be going through your mind:
“What do I want my words to achieve?”
The answer might include:
•    Greater customer awareness of your company
•    Increased sales of your products/services
•    Penetration of new markets
It might be all of these (and other aims as well). To achieve them, you first need to decide upon the key messages you want to get across. This applies to whatever you’re writing – a press release, case study, web page, advert …
Ultimately, if your writing is really effective, it will achieve the following:
•    Convey your key messages with energy and authority
•    Grab the attention of your customers
•    Enhance your corporate image/brand

Phil Allcock is a specialist copyriter and click here for his website