Where do business users go from here? When Adobe ends support for Adobe® Acrobat® XI/Reader XI?

Recently, Adobe official announced:

Support for Adobe Acrobat 11.x and Adobe Reader 11.x will be ended on October 15, 2017.

And said

End of support means that Adobe no longer provides technical support, including product and/or security updates, for all derivatives of a product or product version (localized versions, minor upgrades, operating systems, dot and double-dot releases, and connector products).

For business users, what choice do we have next?

Option 1. we can keep using this version without any issues

Of course, this choice is the simplest solution, but in the long run, the immediate convenience will cause long-term adverse consequences.

  1. Data security will compromise. Once Adobe Acrobat 11.x ends support, Adobe will no longer fix the bug of this version and take the product’s security risk. Data security for enterprise users will be subject to risks such as viruses, hackers, and spyware.
  2. Lack of technical support. If employees use unsupported software, will be more likely to lose the order, resulting in their random download plug-in and so on. The consequences are not only business security issues, as well as staff efficiency declines.
  3. Inconsistent version. Future Acrobat authorizations are DC version but have been using Adobe Reader XI and Adobe Acrobat 11.X legacy enterprise users, if the repurchase of new licenses, it will lead to the coexistence of old and new versions, forcing business users to face difficulties: 1. Upgrade all older versions to the latest DC version at the expense of paying more upgrades. 2. Old and new version coexist; the cost is the old version of the data security issues, as well as the entire enterprise using a unified version of the IT maintenance costs brought about by the increase.

Option 2. “Give up, upgrade to the latest version of Adobe Acrobat DC.”

The loyal users who have accustomed to using and trusting Adobe, of course, you can choose to upgrade the Adobe PDF software across the board to DC version, so what are the problem would come with?

  1. The mandatory subscription model

As we all knew, Acrobat DC is the subscription model (monthly subscription/subscription), and this authorization model for many business users is not have enough customization, users unable to enjoy it for free and the cost is also prohibitive.

  1. The product adaptation cycle

Adrobat DC is a new interface. Enterprise users who upgrade Adobe to DC version will face a new learning curve. However, if encounter the related IT problems during this process, Adobe’s customer support team cannot serve promptly.

  1. High auditing cost

Adobe has a lot of auditing business users across the software industry. Over the years, audits have accounted for a significant percentage of Adobe’s revenue.  To spend a lot of time, money and resources for complete one thing, this is a big challenge when comes to budget and efficiency of the enterprise.

Option 3. “Looking for alternatives other than Adobe, with better service, lower prices!”

With the unsupported Adobe Reader XI and Adobe Acrobat XI, Business users should consider whether if there is a solution to replace Acrobat. More importantly, affordable price and functional that can meet their needs.

So, currently, which PDF editors can compete with it? As the industry’s most popular Adobe Acrobat replacement, PDFelement is walking into the sight of these enterprises. It compatible with Windows / Mac / iOS and support 50,000+ business users, provide professional PDF solutions. Their customer includes world’s top 500 organizations, non-profit organizations, government agencies, universities and small and medium enterprises. Functionally, PDFelement can provide broad range services, including text editing, PDF comments, data extraction, form filling, OCR and so on.

Easy to use

Compared to Adobe’s products, PDFelement is easy to use. From its user interface alone, PDFelement more towards to the user who familiar with Microsoft Office, in that way, employees do not need a specialized training.


From the price point of view, the standard edition price for Adobe Acrobat DC is $ 12.99 monthly, professional version is $ 14.99 monthly. It is still very stressful to small and medium enterprises with limited procurement budget. However, PDFelement 6 Standard version is $59.99, Professional version is $99.99, less than one-tenth of Adobe. Acrobat Pro DC annual subscription price is 80 USD higher than PDFelement lifetime version.

Timely customer response

Adobe has a massive number of users in the world. For this reason, many business users were complaining that they can receive responds from Adobe in a timely manner, sometimes for several days, which is a fatal problem for enterprises.  PDFelement provides 6X24 customer services and the problem will solved in a timely manner.

Flexible authorization model

With Adobe users, once the subscription expires, the software will be completely unavailable and always be reminding you to continue the purchase. PDFelement doesn’t have subscription, so even in the future when encounter annual version of the premium upgrade. User cannot use latest features without upgrade, but still can continuing use the original product features.

 Support transfer protection

To ensure a smooth transfer for business users, PDFelement provides transfer protection limit. As long as their customers signed cooperation contract, and inform its subscription to Adobe software, PDFelement will provide a full-featured package for enterprises until the other party successfully changed to PDFelement.

After reading this article, Adobe products will end of support no more than 1 month, do you have your replacement plan ready?