New survey reports 90 percent of online businesses fail

Every week 8.6 million people shop online in the UK. It is a multi-billion pound industry that has grown 5000% in a decade and at its height last Christmas accounted for £1m in spending per hour.

So the potential market for a web business is massive but that doesn’t mean making money online is simple and straight forward. In fact, it is a battlefield on the cyber high street and if you don’t know the pitfalls chances are you are going to fall into one.

For example, did you know that according to Google research 90% of its users never go past page one of results. So even being on page two means you miss out on nine out of 10 people.

To help its ecommerce clients to achieve success, UKFast has drawn upon its ten years of expertise to create a definitive guide to avoiding failing online. 

The four key points are:

  1. Keep pace with technology
  2. Know what the search engines want
  3. Focus on the customer experience
  4. Be flexible

“The internet has made the world a local high street. However, there are so many shops crammed in that it can be difficult to stand out,” reveals UKFast MD Lawrence Jones.

“You need to know exactly what you are doing or you will come unstuck. The world is full of ‘dot com’ failures,” Jones adds. “Over the last ten years we have hosted thousands of ecommerce websites and we know how to be a success online.”