8 advanced link building tactics to crush SEO In 2020

Link Building Tactics

Take some time and use tools like Ahrefs or Moz and look into the top 10 ranking pages in Google first page for any valuable keywords, you’ll find.

They all have one thing in common and that is presence of quality backlinks. Behind the scenes, most of these top-ranking websites uses some of the advanced link building tactics you’ll discover in this post.

The obvious thing is that getting to the first page through organic SEO and for any valuable search term doesn’t happen by accident. It is not by chance or blind luck.

While it is possible to achieve first page positions without advanced link building, it takes exceptional skills in low competition keyword research as well as patience for Google to discover, index and rank the pages. But who really loves the waiting game?

Best Link Building Tactics To Win SEO Competition In 2020

Now you know that it is nearly impossible to win the competition for organic search traffic in your niche without building quality links, let’s look at what you can do to move the needle with the tactics from Red Search, SEO agency.

Broken Link Building

From time to time and for many reasons, the pages on your competitor websites get deleted. Sometime, an entire website goes offline when a business is closes shop. When this happens, the links leading to those deleted pages or websites are said to be broken. Looking at this scenario, a single non-existing competitor page or website could have 100 – 1000+ broken links pointing to them.

Your responsibility here is to use tools like Ahrefs or others to find and work for replacement through outreach. Check this broken link building guide for more insights.

Unlinked Brand Mention

When people mention your brand in their blog post or other places on the internet it signals awareness. These are perfect link building tactics that could increase your referring domain count over time. Unfortunately, you can hardly keep tabs on all the web destinations where people have mentioned or are mentioning your brand name. With a tool like Awario or Mention, you can begin to get real time alerts whenever someone mentions your brand name. through the links included in such alerts, you begin to do outreach to claim unlinked brand mentions.

Free Giveaway

This could be a useful tool, data rich industry report or embeddable infographic. These types of things tend to command quality backlinks naturally. At some points, you may decide to do some promotion for relevant people to be aware of these resources.

Explore Competitor Backlinks

Most of your competitors that are currently ranking in the firs page of Google are usually there for a reason. Like I said earlier, they don’t get there by chance. One clear indication is that Google, respects the types of backlinks pointing to their website. Instead or guesswork or groping in dark, find a competitor link research tool like SEO Spy Glass. Look into high domain authority backlinks pointing to their website and find a way to replicate same.

Do this for 5 – 50 competitors and you’ll find a good number of link building opportunities.

Link Rounds

Some brands have this strategy of collecting links to lead to some resources and interesting news within their industry or niche. The interesting thing is that the website’s whole links you collect tend to reciprocate by sharing your content expanding opportunities for other people to find and link to your site. However, the main thing is to find out websites in your niche that do lots of link round up. Reach out to them and suggest relevant resources, tools or content in your site.

Skyscraper Technique

Once again, the competitors ranking in the firs page of Google can be real pointers on what to do as part of your overall link building tactics. Originally popularized by an SEO expert named Brian Dean from Backlinko. It is a process of looking into the content pieces ranking for your target keywords. Create better content be increasing word count, adding better images, statistics, expert quotes, infographics and better links.

Data Rich Research

Looking at advanced link building tactic, it is not enough to write a generic ebook for the purpose of lead generation. The thing about original research is that it offers your brand a unique opportunity to share insightful revelations about the industry. That uniqueness is what attracts a lot of people to link to original research reports naturally.

Podcast Appearances

The thing that makes this one so interesting is that it is relatively new and unsaturated in most niche markets. Naturally, many podcast hosts make proactive efforts to promote their podcasts to new audiences. The more promotions they do, the more links they get and this favors any websites they link to. Through podcasting, you’ll get the twin advantages of quality link building and growing brand awareness.


Through further research you may find even advanced link building tactics that will help you to crush SEO competition in 2020 and beyond. Hence, this post is not meant to be exhaustive. The major thing is to put these ideas to work. Practically, a little form of strategic commitment will help you double your referring domains as well as backlinks count over time. This in turn will affect your organic search traffic volume in the positive side.