7 things you can learn when you listen to ecommerce podcasts

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Podcasts have become an increasingly popular form of sharing content in the 21st century, delivering personal and top-quality content to consumers.

Podcasts are digital audio files that may be downloadable. They are set up to create an interactive atmosphere focusing on different topics, as in the case of TV or radio shows.

One of the popular topics covered on podcasts is ecommerce, which is the art of trading digitally through online shopping mediums. A lot is changing in the world of ecommerce and factors like Covid 19 are forcing many businesses to consider ecommerce like never before. A recently launched podcast on ecommerce that is worth listening to is the ‘Hammersley Brothers Ecommerce Podcast’ which has fresh content, and you can listen to it here available on smartebusiness.

Things you can learn from listening to ecommerce podcasts include:

Understand The Reasons For Going Online

There is a technologically-driven need for businesses to go online and become ecommerce enabled. However, many business owners still believe in physical business transactions over ecommerce, while the few who know about it have a vague idea of what it truly entails.

Listening to ecommerce podcasts can help you learn why your business must go online. It is easy to become familiar with the tangible and potential benefits, and the requirements needed to go online through this medium.

Educative Interviews

Interviews are one of the means by which podcasters ensure that listeners don’t get bored of theoretical discourse on their shows. Thus, it is not unusual to have an ecommerce expert interviewed during podcasts.

The wealth of experiences shared by such experts can help you understand that you are not the first to tread the path you are on. They can share business hacks you can implement for better sales, carry out reviews, and even offer to mentor you after the show by sharing their contacts. This can be of great help to your online business endeavors.

Ecommerce Is Not Restricted To Big Businesses

One thing you will quickly learn about ecommerce from podcasts is that it is for everyone, and not just for big businesses with the capital bulk to throw around.

Proactive business owners who wish to avail the much talked about ecommerce benefits get disparaged after finding some alarming and confusing information on the internet, such as high costs, and the need for professional websites.

Ecommerce podcasts can help bring clarity to the minds of listeners on how to get their ecommerce websites up and running in a few steps, no matter who they are or what they are selling. This can help a listener overcome the stereotype that ecommerce is for big businesses and that there is an awful lot to figure out.

Ecommerce Goes Beyond Products

Ecommerce, just like in physical sales, has no restriction on selling products only. You can sell just about anything online, including services. More than just selling, this involves consciously building a brand online.

Podcasts can help with understanding how to create quality content around your online shop. You can also learn the art of detailed product descriptions, and the need for good quality pictures, amongst others.

Get An Understanding Of The Technology That Is Needed

With so many small and medium businesses struggling to get a piece of the pie from the ecommerce industry, there are multiple technologies being touted as the best to bring in excellent commercial results. Listening to high-quality podcasts can help you decide which tools or platforms to use.

These podcasts can help you figure out what you should be looking for in the right platforms, the red flags, and the most cost-effective ones. They can conduct reviews of these technologies, which can help you ascertain which one is best for you.

Quality Marketing Tips

Ecommerce should not be left by owners to function independently. They must be ready to market their ecommerce platforms to a broader audience.

Marketing efforts that are worth implementing include marketing through social media, email, and other web services. Podcasts can provide comprehensive information on how ecommerce business owners can take advantage of these marketing channels.

The Need To Optimize Ecommerce For Mobile User Experience

With the rise in the use of smartphones and about 50% of website traffic now coming from mobile devices, it’s important for ecommerce websites to be optimized for mobile devices. This gave rise to what is known as mobile commerce.

Although podcasts won’t be able to give you practical tutoring on how to go about adapting your ecommerce platform for mobile commerce, they can drive home the need for it and direct you to resources to achieve this goal.


Ecommerce podcasts are a great aid to add to your toolbox on your ecommerce journey. Selection can be based on popularity, as people wouldn’t listen if it’s not adding any value for them.

You can get a head start on why you need to launch on an ecommerce website by listening to podcasts. Walk the path of other successful experts by following their interviews. Ecommerce is for people like you, and is not restricted to only products. Knowledge of the technology you need to use, marketing tips, and mobile user optimization are great lessons you can learn from an ecommerce podcast.