5 SEO myths debunked

Search engine optimization is not a new technique. It has been there for years, but there are still some rumors floating in the air regarding SEO.

This is not a good thing as many people who are new to marketing businesses online fall for these myths and look at SEO in a negative light.

The matter of the fact is that SEO is still and will continue to be one of the most important practices when it comes to boosting the visibility of a website.

Here are 5 SEO myths and the truth about them:

  1. Videos And Images Have Nothing To Do With SEO

This is nothing but a myth because in reality, videos and images serve a great role in SEO.

There are numerous images on a website and they all need to be properly optimized or else they won’t direct a user to your website. For instance, when you name an image relevant to a product or content, along with alt image name it contributes to SEO.

Also make sure to use the right dimension when it comes to pictures, use image captions and make sure to only use relevant images that are also not copyrighted.

Videos too have a great impact on SEO. They help deliver a message in the most convenient and cheapest of ways.

Videos help target relevant audience and increase engagement which is basically a part of what SEO does. Hence, creative, informative and engaging videos help increase visibility of a website.


  1. SEO IS A One Time Thing

Many people think that all they need to do is implement top notch SEO techniques in the beginning and that’s it. Their website will jumps ranks and reach at the top.

While your website may hold a solid position this way, but it would be temporary. SEO is a technique that require continuous implementation, changes and updates.

This is because more than 1 billion websites are already there on the internet competing with one another due to which newer algorithms are being introduced and SEO techniques needs to change with those new introductions.

  1. Tricking Google Is Easy

With $109.65 billion yearly revenue generated by Google, how can you think that tricking them will be easy? It’s next to impossible.

They have some of the most creative and out of the box thinking minds working for them and no black hat tactics will work to bring your site to the top. The only way is to learn and implement good SEO and walk by the rules which Google has implemented.

You can also hire a good SEO agency to do the job for you.

  1. Keyword Stuffing Still Works

If you think that forcing keywords will help you improve your rankings then you’re wrong.

Google’s algorithm doesn’t work like that anymore. Today, keywords need to come naturally in the content so that the piece doesn’t seem promotional.

The keywords density per article should kept at minimum, that is, 1% to 2% only.

  1. Spamming With Poor BackLinks Is A Good Practice

Do not go for a huge number of backlinks, what matters here is the quality. One backlink from a good website is better than a dozen backlinks from poor sites.

The Verdict

If you want your website to sit at the top rankings then make sure not to fall prey to these myths.