Why you should hire a motivational speaker for your business

Because it is down to you. You, as the business owner, must play a huge role in this – you can’t expect staff to feel motivated if they are caught up in the monotonous day-to-day routine, without anything to motivate them.

If your staff do lack motivation you will see a significant reduction in their productivity and this will become very apparent in their work, which will start having a detrimental effect on your business. Meanwhile, motivate them and they will have more drive and passion within their role, which can only benefit your company.

There are several ways you can motivate your staff – perhaps provide training opportunities, more social events, pay incentives, make positive changes to their working environment, allow them to voice their opinions – both positive and negative, and so on.

But, while these will all play a role when it comes to increasing motivation, one things you should definitely do is hire a motivational speaker – perhaps to come and talk at one of your social events.

Not sold on hiring a motivational speaker? Here is why you should:

They will boost drive and determination:

When your employees are motivated the work atmosphere will be happier, more energetic and focused. There are a number of ways motivational speakers can do this – they might use stories of adversity and challenges they have overcome or they may tell inspirational tales of somebody making a difference in the world. Ultimately enabling your employees to inspire and motivate themselves.

They bring knowledge and skill:

Choose a speaker tailored to your business and, as well as motivation, they can bring with them knowledge and skills in that sector. As a result your staff learn something useful and at the same time feel motivated to put it into practice.

They will bring fresh ideas and new perspectives:

You can get stuck in a rut doing the same tasks, in the same way, all day, every day. Changes bring challenges and it might feel like, as much as you would like to change, you don’t have time for these challenges. Plus, not every one will be welcome to change. But for the company to excel, it must keep adapting – not only keeping up with the competition but getting ahead of them. This is where your motivational speaker comes in – they can bring with them new ideas and a fresh perspective for your staff and the company as a whole – helping to change attitudes and allow things to be seen in a whole new light.

They are compelling:

Your staff will probably be more willing and receptive to an outsider than they will to their owner of the company they work for. They motivate staff, not just to increase the profit of the business they have been hired by, but to show them that motivating themselves now can only benefit them in them in the long run.

Sold. Right, who should you hire?

This really depends on your business. First you need to determine the sort of motivational speaker you are looking for – someone who has been incredibly successful in business, someone who has faced continuous set backs but has succeeded due to perseverance or someone whose job makes a huge difference to others each and every day.

You can hire inspiring speakers from companies such as Speakers Corner – take a look and find someone who best suits your company. David Walliams, for example, may be a comedian by day, but by night he can come and talk to your staff about how he battled illness and fatigue to complete his 140-mile Thames charity swim – as well as entertaining them at the same time, of course.