What you should look for when hiring an accountant


Choosing an accountant for your business is a big decision.  They are held responsible for completing VAT returns, personal tax returns, and giving you an overview of how your business is doing financially.

That is a lot of things that are critical to your business.  Here, we list some of the things you should take into consideration when looking for an accountant.

Client Testimonials

Customer service is a big thing when it comes to accountants.  If there is a deadline looming and you have questions, the last thing you need is an accountant that is unresponsive.  Have a look on their website, on Google my Business or social media channels to see if they have any client feedback that you can take a look at.  It’s always a good idea to do this bit of research.  Even if there are negative comments – you can get a good idea as to how a company interacts with its clients.

Case Studies

You should always check out any prospective accountant’s website to see if they feature any case studies.  Ideally, they would have some real-life stories they can tell as to how their accountancy service has improved a business.  It could be that their advice or tax-saving strategy has made a difference to the amount of disposable income they have, or how much time they have saved a company by making use of the digital tools that are now available.  There are lots of accountants Gloucester based who have a great reputation and lots of case studies to make you feel comfortable.

Years of Experience

You definitely want an accountant that has been around the block a few times, so you should definitely see how many years of experience your prospective accountant has.  Obviously, the more experience they have, the more likely they are to have encountered different businesses, challenges and be up to date with what the latest legislations are surrounding tax.  If an accountant has been around for a long time – the likelihood is that they are good at their job and doing something right.

If you are looking for experienced accountants with over 20 years of experience, take a look at Fortress Accounts. They pride themselves with a great knowledge.

The Types of Service They Offer

You need to have a good think about what you are looking for from your accountant. This will be based on where you are in your business in terms of number of employees, and what your goals are. It could be that you simply need someone to do your personal tax returns, or VAT returns – or it could be that you need them to run payroll, calculate holiday pay or make the pension contributions on your behalf. These days, companies are looking for a more financial director approach, where accountants are at board meetings to run over the financial position – or offer regular advice. You might want to consider checking out https://gorillaaccounting.com/ for more information.

If you are looking for an accountant for a new venture or are looking to switch to a new accountant – these are definitely things you need to look into.