What to look for in kitchen appliances

Your kitchen is a room that works. Your kitchen bakes, refrigerates, cleans, and microwaves. But your kitchen only works as well as your appliances allow it to.

Your kitchen’s dishwasher, oven, stovetop, microwave, and other appliances are what make it function. They dominate the look of the room, too, with their large forms and distinctive designs. So when it comes time to invest in new appliances, it pays to know what to look for–because you’ll be looking at (and using) whatever you find for many years to come!

Design and appearance

You can tell a luxury kitchen appliance just by looking at it, and that’s design at work.

Design is about shaping the form of an object in a way that communicates taste and quality. While old stoves look outdated or cheap and intensely functional commercial ranges are peppered with dials and settings, design allows luxury kitchen appliances to look modern and functional without looking utilitarian or cluttered. Design is about appealing to the eye without interfering with function (we’ll speak a bit more about functional design in the final section).

So when it comes to luxury kitchen appliances, you can believe your eyes. Look for the sleek and modern designs that feel luxurious to you. Look for unified design themes and attention to detail, and pair the perfect appliance to your existing space.

Engineering and precision

Luxury kitchen appliances are not, of course, just designed to look good. They’re designed to do something, whether that something is cook dinners or wash dishes. And, if they’re truly luxury items, they should be designed to do that very, very well.

If you’ve ever used an old stove or refrigerator, you know the frustration that comes with imprecision and poor engineering. When you can’t control the temperature of your cooking surface or your freezer, or when one side of your appliance is heating or cooler more effectively than the other, more work ends up on your end: fiddling with knobs, moving things around, and always trying to remember the tricks for counteracting your appliance’s quirks.

Great engineering work means that luxury appliances eliminate these problems. Luxury kitchen appliances feature precision controls and additional features that make your life easier and increase your power to do the work you need to do in the kitchen.

Function and feel

An oven with just one knob is an easy thing to make look sleek and simple. An oven with a thousand settings is an easy thing to make precise and useful. What really sets luxury kitchen appliances apart from their low-end and commercial counterparts is their ability to balance the dueling priorities of kitchen appliances, giving you intuitive precision controls without creating a busy, oversized, or clumsy appliance.

The design of luxury appliances will give you the sleek, modern, and classy look you want while also keeping incredible functionality at your fingertips. When you look for new kitchen appliances, look for that ultimate luxury: design that marries form and function.