How to obtain a high-quality logo design free of charge

Do you feel that allegedly ‘free’ logo design makers are ripping you off?

In this digital age, brand logos are every company’s key feature, but not every startup can afford custom design. Hence, thousands of online logo design makers will crop up as soon as you search the relevant keywords.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Perhaps too good to be true?

The seemingly cost-free logo designs typically come with strings attached, as you will almostalways end up either paying to download the logo or having to oblige the company’s request to host free advertisements on your site in exchange.

This may even escalate to a request demanding you pay a monthly fee to the logo maker company in order to use your logo.

But fret not! All hope isn’t lost, as we’ve discovered an actual do-it-yourself logo design maker that doesn’t charge for its services. In addition, despite being free, the samples are of highquality, with a selection of more than 3500 professional logo designs at your disposal.

LogoBee Logo Design Maker is certainly a dream come true for anyone in need of affordable logo design!

It hosts a huge range of logo designs (3500+)
It boasts super-easy navigation that allows you to search samples through categories and keywords
It gives you the creative liberty to design your brand’s logo
It allows you to save and work on multiple files at once, so you can pick the best one

LogoBee Logo Maker gives anyone the power to create an effective brand logo.  

Here is how it does that:

Keeping it simple: The collection has a huge selection of abstract modern logos. To make a logo memorable, minimalism is the best way to go with logo designs. The logo design maker allows you to choose an image that has clear cuts, simple fonts and nothing too messy.
Making them memorable: Your logo can’t be generic-looking! Otherwise, it is bound to get overlooked in favour of the colourful designs of all the other competitors wooing your target audience. That’s why Logobee has a special ‘ungroup’ feature that allows you to reconstruct the template and create a truly impressive logo. You can duplicate or remove graphic elements, change colours, and use gradients or opacity effects. You can also add your initials and a company slogan beside you company name to design a logo that is tailor-made for your brand.
Ensuring relevancy: The templates have been categorized according to the industry they are appropriate for. This feature makes it easier for you to select logos that are relevant to your business.
Creating an adaptable product: Your final logo will be provided in different file sizes specifically fitted to the most popular social media platforms. You will also receive a transparent-background .png allowing you to use your logos on your website or in a PowerPoint presentation without facing any technical issues. For the best results in printing, we recommend using a vector file,which can be purchased for only 39$.

In conclusion, Logobee’s Logo Maker has the kind of flexibility that no other do-it-yourself logo maker can offer, and we can wholeheartedly recommend any start-up business owner to take advantage of this remarkable tool. It is not only a cost-effective solution for all your branding needs, but also a great way to put your designing skills to the test. We guarantee that this collaboration will provide you with a hard-to-miss brand logo that grabs attention.

So what are you waiting for? Stop roaming around in a faceless crowd of competitors. Use LogoBee’sLogo Maker to create your own custom logo design right away!